Clear Creek County CO Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (1,114,893) > Colorado (10,415) > Clear Creek County (119) > Clear Creek County Newspapers and Obituaries (23)

USA (1,114,893) > Colorado (10,415) > Colorado Newspapers and Obituaries (1,816) > Clear Creek County Newspapers and Obituaries (23)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Clear Creek County are also on the Colorado Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Clear Creek County Newspapers and Obituaries

Colorado portrait and biography index : gathered and arranged from histories, magazines, newspaper files, land records, and many other sources Denver Public Library

Georgetown Newspapers and Obituaries

Colorado Miner 09/18/1869 to 09/27/1869 Genealogy Bank

Colorado Miner, 1876-09-02 to 1880-12-25 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Daily Colorado Miner, 1872-09-11 to 1874-03-11 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Georgetown Courier 03/17/1881 to 07/06/1884 Genealogy Bank

Georgetown Courier, 1877-05-24 to 1881-05-12 Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection

Idaho Springs Newspapers and Obituaries

Clear Creek Courant 12/05/2007 to Current Genealogy Bank

Idaho Springs siftings. (Idaho Springs, Colo.) (from May 3, 1902 to May 27, 1905) Chronicling America

The Idaho Springs siftings-news. (Idaho Springs, Colo.) (from June 3, 1905 to Nov. 25, 1921) Chronicling America

Offline Newspapers for Clear Creek County

According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers.

Georgetown: Clear Creek Courant. (Georgetown, Colo.) 1973-1982

Georgetown: Colorado Miner. (Georgetown, Colo.) 1867-1888

Georgetown: Daily Colorado Miner. (Georgetown [Colo.]) 1872-1874

Georgetown: Georgetown Courier. (Georgetown, Colo.) 1877-1957

Georgetown: Georgetown Herald. (Georgetown, Colo.) 1899-1902

Georgetown: Georgetown Miner. (Georgetown, Colo.) 1890-1891

Idaho Springs: Clear Creek Courant & Evergreen Today. (Idaho Springs, Colo.) 1982-1984

Idaho Springs: Clear Creek Courant. (Idaho Springs, Colo.) 1984-Current

Idaho Springs: Clear Creek Mining Journal. (Idaho Springs, Colo.) 1933-1968

Idaho Springs: Colorado Mining Gazette. (Idaho Springs, Colo.) 1882-1901

Idaho Springs: Idaho Springs News. (Idaho Springs, Clear Creek County, Colo.) 1883-1905

Idaho Springs: Idaho Springs Siftings. (Idaho Springs, Colo.) 1900-1905

Silver Plume: Silver Plume Coloradoan. (Silver Plume, Colo.) 1881-1884

Silver Plume: Silver Standard. (Silver Plume, Colo.) 1885-1907

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