Fairfield County CT Land Records

USA (603,054) > Connecticut (10,524) > Fairfield County (2,232) > Fairfield County Land Records (38)

USA (603,054) > Connecticut (10,524) > Connecticut Land Records (301) > Fairfield County Land Records (38)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Connecticut Land Records page.

Fairfield County Land Records

Commemorative biographical record of Fairfield County, Connectitcut, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families Genealogy Gophers

Fairfield County, Connecticut land ownership maps, 1856 and 1858 Family History Library

Federal Land Patents Bureau of Land Management

Proprietors records, 1761-1809 Family History Library

Bethel Land Records

Land records, 1855-1907; general index, 1855-1911 Family History Library

Bridgeport Land Records

Land records, 1821-1901 Family History Library

Brookfield Land Records

Land records, 1788-1929 Family History Library

Danbury Land Records

Land records, 1777-1904; general index, 1777-1859 Family History Library

Darien Land Records

Land records, 1820-1904 Family History Library

Easton Land Records

Land records, 1845-1905; general index, 1845-1941 Family History Library

Fairfield Land Records

Births, marriages, and deaths returned from Hartford, Windsor and Fairfield and entered in the early land records of the colony of Connecticut Pikes Peak Library District

Births, marriages, and deaths returned from Hartford, Windsor, and Fairfield, and entered in the early land records of the colony of Connecticut : volumes I and II of land records and no. D of colonial deeds Connecticut State Library

Births, marriages, and deaths...Hartford, Windsor, and Fairfield...in the early land records of the colony of Connecticut : volumes I and II of land records and no. D of colonial deeds. California Genealogical Society and Library

Land records, 1649-1903; general index, 1725-1910 Family History Library

Proprietors records 1749-1750 Family History Library

Greenwich Land Records

Index to estates, 1666-1728, Greenwich, Connecticut Family History Library

Land Records of Greenwich, 1640 to 1752, A-F US Gen Web

Land Records of Greenwich, 1640 to 1752, G-L US Gen Web

Land Records of Greenwich, 1640 to 1752, M to Y US Gen Web

Land records, 1640-1901; general index, 1640-1875 Family History Library

Monroe Land Records

Land records, 1823-1912; general index, 1823-1924 Family History Library

New Canaan Land Records

Land records, 1801-1907; general index, 1801-1937 Family History Library

New Fairfield Land Records

Land records, 1773-1926 Family History Library

Newtown Land Records

Land records, 1712-1911; general index, 1712-1933 Family History Library

Norwalk Land Records

Land records, 1652-1915; general index, 1652-1856 Family History Library

The ancient historical records of Norwalk, Conn.(includes land, town, and church records) Ancestry

Redding Land Records

Land records, 1767-1910; general index, 1767-1921 Family History Library

Ridgefield Land Records

Land records, 1709-1901; general index, 1708-1855, 1888-1922 Family History Library

The proprietors of Ridgefield, Connecticut Genealogy Gophers

Shelton Land Records

Land records, 1789-1901; index of records, 1789-1901 Family History Library

Sherman Land Records

Land records, 1803-1933; index, 1804-1931 Family History Library

Stamford Land Records

General index to the land records of the town - city of Stamford, Connecticut : series 1 covering all of the instruments recorded in the years 1641 to 1900, both inclusive Family History Library

Land records, 1666-1902 Family History Library

Stratford Land Records

Land records, 1650-1905; general index, 1734-1915 Family History Library

Trumbull Land Records

Land records, 1798-1911; general index, 1798-1910 Family History Library

Weston Land Records

Land records, 1787-1911; general index, 1787-1949 Family History Library

Westport Land Records

Land records, 1835-1909 Family History Library

Wilton Land Records

Land records, 1802-1902; general index, 1802-1919 Family History Library