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Statewide Land Records

A complete history of Connecticut, civil and ecclesiastical, from the emigration of its first planters, from England, in the year 1630, to the year 1764; and to the close of the Indian wars Genealogy Gophers

A gazetteer of the states of Connecticut and Rhode-Island : written with care and impartiality, from original and authentic materials : consisting of two parts : with an accurate and improved map of each state Genealogy Gophers

Colonial land records of Connecticut, 1640-1846 : including patents, deeds and surveys of land Family History Library

Connecticut historical collections, containing a general collection of interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, &c. relating to the history and antiquities of every town in Connecticut, with geographical descriptions Genealogy Gophers

Connecticut lineages of Revolutionary War regiments Family History Library

Contributions to the ecclesiastical history of Connecticut; Genealogy Gophers

Diocese of Connecticut : formative period, 1784-1791 Genealogy Gophers

Evening post annual, Biographical sketches [with portraits] of the state officers, representatives in Congress, governor's staff, and senators and members of the General assembly of the state of Connecticut Genealogy Gophers

Indian deed records Family History Library

Mayflower Deeds and Probates, 1600-1850 Ancestry

Men of mark in Connecticut; ideals of American life told in biographies and autobiographies of eminent living Americans Genealogy Gophers

Native Soil Manuscripts Index (index to various private property deeds) Ancestry

The public records of the State of Connecticut : with the journal of the Council of Safety and an appendix Genealogy Gophers

Why remember the fathers; an address at a meeting of the Connecticut Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, August 6, 1898 Genealogy Gophers

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