Litchfield County CT Newspapers and Obituaries

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Connecticut Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Litchfield County Newspapers and Obituaries

Connecticut, Hale Cemetery Inscriptions and Newspaper Notices, 1629-1934 Ancestry

Index To Obituaries, Litchfield County Times, Litchfield, Connecticut, 1989 Family History Library

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-2018 Ancestry

Bantam Newspapers and Obituaries

Bantam Bell. (Bantam, Conn.) 1919-1920s Connecticut State Library

Cornwall Newspapers and Obituaries

Cornwall Chronicle. (West Cornwall, Ct) 1991-Current Connecticut State Library

Falls Village Newspapers and Obituaries

Housatonic Republican 1/10/1857-8/16/1862 Genealogy Bank

Housatonic Republican. (Falls Village, Conn.) 1857-1862 Multiple Archives

Kent Newspapers and Obituaries

Forum of Kent, Connecticut. (Kent, Conn.) 1980-1980s Connecticut State Library

Good Turn Daily. (Kent, Conn.) 1952-1953 Connecticut State Library

Gtd. (Kent, Conn.) 1988-1993 Connecticut State Library

Kent G.T.D. (Kent, Conn.) 1953-1958 Connecticut State Library

Kent Good Times Dispatch. (Kent, Conn.) 1958-1988 Connecticut State Library

Lakeville Newspapers and Obituaries

Lakeville Journal. (Lakeville, Conn.) 1897-Current Multiple Archives

Winsted Journal. (Lakeville, Ct) 1996-Current Connecticut State Library

Litchfield Newspapers and Obituaries

American Eagle. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1822-1820s Multiple Archives

Democrat. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1833-1830s New York State Library

Democratic Watchman. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1844-1840s Connecticut State Library

Index to obituaries Litchfield County Times, Litchfield, Connecticut, 1989 Allen County Public Library

Litchfield County Monitor. (Litchfield [Conn.]) 1790-1791 Multiple Archives

Litchfield County Post. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1826-1829 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Enquirer. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1829-Current Multiple Archives

Litchfield Gazette 3/16/1808 - 5/17/1809 Genealogy Bank

Litchfield Gazette. (Litchfield, (Conn.)) 1808-1809 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Journal 4/8/1818 - 10/20/1818 Genealogy Bank

Litchfield Journal. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1818-1819 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Monitor 12/21/1784 - 7/1/1807 Genealogy Bank

Litchfield Monitor ; and Agricultural Register. (Litchfield [Conn.]) 1795-1796 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Monitor. (Litchfield [Conn.]) 1791-1792 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Monitor. (Litchfield [Conn.]) 1794-1795 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Monitor. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1803-1807 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Republican 5/19/1819 - 6/13/1856 Genealogy Bank

Litchfield Republican [Microform]. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1819-1821 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Republican. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1819-1821 Multiple Archives

Litchfield Republican. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1847-1840s Multiple Archives

Litchfield Sentinel. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1865-1875 Multiple Archives

Mercury. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1840-1844 Multiple Archives

Miscellany [Microform]. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1821-1822 Multiple Archives

Miscellany. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1821-1822 Multiple Archives

Monitor. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1792-1794 Multiple Archives

Rosenberg's Rag. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1983-1980s Connecticut State Library

Sun 4/25/1835 - 4/13/1839 Genealogy Bank

Sun. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1835-1839 Multiple Archives

Weekly Monitor, and American Advertiser. (Litchfield [Conn.]) 1784-1785 Multiple Archives

Weekly Monitor. (Litchfield [Conn.]) 1788-1790 Multiple Archives

Weekly Monitor. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1785-1787 Multiple Archives

Weekly Monitor. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1796-1798 Multiple Archives

Witness 8/14/1805 - 6/24/1807 Genealogy Bank

Witness [Microform]. (Litchfield, Conn.) 1805-1807 Multiple Archives

Witness. (Litchfield, Con[N].) 1805-1807 Multiple Archives

Morris Newspapers and Obituaries

Morris Herald. (Morris, Conn.) 1898-1900s Multiple Archives

New Hartford Newspapers and Obituaries

Litchfield County Times. (New Hartford, Conn.) 1893-1890s Connecticut Historical Society

New Hartford Advertiser and Journal. (New Hartford, Conn.) 1850-1840s Multiple Archives

New Hartford Tribune. (New Hartford, Conn.) 1880s-1911 Multiple Archives

New Milford Newspapers and Obituaries

Bethel Beacon. (New Milford, Ct) 1995-2009 Connecticut State Library

Housatonic Ray. Volume (New Milford, Conn.) 1874-1883 Multiple Archives

Litchfield County Times. (New Milford, Conn.) 1981-Current Connecticut State Library

Messenger. (New Milford, Conn.) 1970-1970s Danbury Scott Fanton Museum and Historical Society

New Milford Courier. (New Milford, Conn.) 1870s-1870s Connecticut State Library

New Milford Gazette. (New Milford, Conn.) 1877-1920 Multiple Archives

New Milford Journal. (New Milford, Conn.) 1872-1874 Multiple Archives

New Milford Times. (New Milford, Conn.) 1914-2009 Multiple Archives

New-Milford Republican. (New-Milford, Ct.) 1845-1846 Connecticut Historical Society

Shepaug Edition. (New Milford, Ct) 1990s-Current Connecticut State Library

Norfolk Newspapers and Obituaries

Chimes. (Norfolk, Conn.) 1897-1900s Multiple Archives

Norfolk Tower. (Norfolk, Conn.) 1888-1890s Multiple Archives

North Canaan Newspapers and Obituaries

Connecticut Western. (North Canaan, Conn.) 1970-1973 Connecticut State Library

Western. (North Canaan, Conn.) 1973-1979 Connecticut State Library

Salisbury Newspapers and Obituaries

Connecticut Western News. (Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Conn.) 1871-1970 Multiple Archives

Sharon Newspapers and Obituaries

Rural Gazette 6/9/1800 - 7/13/1801 Genealogy Bank

Rural Gazette. (Sharon, Conn.) 1800-1801 Multiple Archives

Thomaston Newspapers and Obituaries

Express. (Thomaston, Conn.) 1970-1991 Connecticut State Library

Thomaston Express. (Thomaston, Conn.) 1880-1970 Multiple Archives

Thomaston Times. (Thomaston, Conn.) 1933-1930s Connecticut State Library

Torrington Newspapers and Obituaries

Evening Register. (Torrington, Conn.) 1898-1914 Connecticut State Library

Evening Register. (Torrington, Conn.) 1906-1914 Connecticut State Library

Register Citizen 10/25/2007 - 8/2/2009 Genealogy Bank

Register Citizen. (Torrington, Ct) 1984-Current Multiple Archives

Register. (Torrington, Conn.) 1973-1983 Connecticut State Library

Torrington Daily Register. (Torrington, Conn.) 1889-1898 Connecticut State Library

Torrington Register. (Torrington, Conn.) 1881-1906 Connecticut State Library

Torrington Register. (Torrington, Conn.) 1914-1920s Connecticut State Library

Torrington Register. (Torrington, Conn.) 1914-1973 Multiple Archives

Wolcottville Register. (Wolcottville [Torrington], Conn.) 1874-1881 Multiple Archives

Watertown Newspapers and Obituaries

Post. (Watertown, Conn.) 1881-1880s Connecticut State Library

Town Times 8/31/2006 - Current Genealogy Bank

Watertown News. (Watertown, Conn.) 1913-1930s Connecticut State Library

Watertown Newspapers 1881-2000 (selections) Watertown Historical Society

Winsted Newspapers and Obituaries

Corner Voice. (Winsted, Conn.) 1995-1996 Connecticut State Library

Daily Herald. (West Winsted [I.E. Winsted], Conn.) 1890s-1895 Multiple Archives

Litchfield County Leader. (Winsted [Conn.]) 1880s-1950 Multiple Archives

Mountain County Herald. (Winsted, Conn.) 1853-1858 Multiple Archives

Torrington Voice. ([Winsted, Conn.) 1992-1996 Connecticut State Library

Voice. (Winsted, Ct) 1996-Current Connecticut State Library

Winsted Advertiser. (West Winsted [Winsted], Conn.) 1853-1886 Connecticut Historical Society

Winsted Citizen. (Winsted, Conn.) 1982-1983 Connecticut State Library

Winsted Evening Citizen. (Winsted, Conn.) 1880s-1982 Multiple Archives

Winsted Herald. (Winsted, Conn.) 1858-1950 Multiple Archives

Winsted News. (Winsted, Litchfield Co., Conn.) 1875-1879 Multiple Archives

Winsted Press. (Winsted, Conn.) 1873-1880s Multiple Archives

Winsted Times. (Winsted, Conn.) 1923-1930s Connecticut State Library

Winsted Weekly Advertiser. (West Winsted [Winsted], Conn.) 1886-1880s Connecticut State Library

Woodbury Newspapers and Obituaries

Abstracts From the Woodbury Reporter, 1877-1879 Jane Devlin

Woodbury Bumble B. (Woodbury [Conn.) 1851-1840s Connecticut State Library

Woodbury Reporter. (Woodbury, Conn.) 1877-1946 Connecticut State Library