New London County CT Land Records

USA (618,007) > Connecticut (10,527) > New London County (1,774) > New London County Land Records (33)

USA (618,007) > Connecticut (10,527) > Connecticut Land Records (301) > New London County Land Records (33)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Connecticut Land Records page.

New London County Land Records

A modern history of New London County, Connecticut; Genealogy Gophers

Federal Land Patents Bureau of Land Management

New London County, Connecticut land ownership map, 1854 Family History Library

Bozrah Land Records

Land records, 1786-1931 Family History Library

Colchester Land Records

Deeds, 1703-1909; general index, 1703-1932 Family History Library

Miscellaneous date sheets and proprietors records of Colchester, New London, Connecticut from 1713-1805 Family History Library

East Lyme Land Records

Land records, 1839-1915 Family History Library

Franklin Land Records

Land records, 1786-1909 Family History Library

Griswold Land Records

Land records, 1815-1906; general index, 1815-1912 Family History Library

Groton Land Records

Land Records Second and Fourth Book of Records 1705-1723 US Gen Web

Land records, 1705-1908; general index, 1723-1947 Family History Library

Town Records of Groton 1705-1723 Part 1 US Gen Web

Lebanon Land Records

Land records, 1695-1922; general index, 1695-1957 Family History Library

Ledyard Land Records

Land records, 1834-1927 Family History Library

Lisbon Land Records

Land records, 1786-1902 Family History Library

Lyme Land Records

Land records, 1664-1929; general index, 1664-1800 Family History Library

Lyme records, 1667-1730 : a literal transcription of the minutes of the town meetings with marginal notations, to which hath been appended land grants and ear marks Family History Library

Montville Land Records

Land records, 1786-1913 Family History Library

New London Land Records

History of New London, Connecticut, from the first survey of the coast in 1612 to 1860 Genealogy Gophers

Land records, 1646-1906; general index, 1646-1906 Family History Library

Records and papers of the New London County Historical Society Genealogy Gophers

North Stonington Land Records

Land records, 1807-1906; general index, 1807-1943 Family History Library

Norwich Land Records

History of Norwich, Connecticut: from its possession by the Indians, to the year 1866 Genealogy Gophers

Land records, 1660-1907; general index, 1724-1902 Family History Library

Old Lyme Land Records

Land records, 1855-1905 Family History Library

Preston Land Records

Land records, 1687-1909; general index, 1687-1945 Family History Library

Salem Land Records

Land records, 1819-1914 Family History Library

Sprague Land Records

Land records, 1861-1945; general index, 1861-1977 Family History Library

Stonington Land Records

Land Deeds of Stonington, 1664-1714 Book 2 US Gen Web

Land records, 1664-1907; general index, 1860-1947 Family History Library

Stonington by the sea Genealogy Gophers

Voluntown Land Records

Land records, 1705-1901; general index, 1705-1920 Family History Library

Waterford Land Records

Land records, 1796-1906; general index, 1796-1855 Family History Library