New London County CT Newspapers and Obituaries

USA (880,998) > Connecticut (12,285) > New London County (1,909) > New London County Newspapers and Obituaries (180)

USA (880,998) > Connecticut (12,285) > Connecticut Newspapers and Obituaries (1,463) > New London County Newspapers and Obituaries (180)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Connecticut Newspapers and Obituaries page.

New London County Newspapers and Obituaries

Connecticut, Hale Cemetery Inscriptions and Newspaper Notices, 1629-1934 Ancestry

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-2018 Ancestry

Colchester Newspapers and Obituaries

Colchester Advocate. (Colchester, Conn.) 1887-1890s Multiple Archives

Colchester Citizen. (Colchester, Conn.) 1950-1960 Multiple Archives

Colchester Standard. (Colchester, Conn.) 1982-1980s Connecticut State Library

Regional Standard. (Colchester, Ct) 1989-2008 Connecticut State Library

Standard of Colchester. (Colchester, Ct) 1981-1982 Connecticut State Library

Standard. (Colchester, Conn.) 1980s-1989 Connecticut State Library

Towne Crier. ([Colchester, Ct]) 1988-1990 Connecticut State Library

East Lyme Newspapers and Obituaries

East Lyme Star. (East Lyme [Conn.]) 1860s-1860s Multiple Archives

Groton Newspapers and Obituaries

Eastern Connecticut News. (Groton, Conn.) 1946-1940s Multiple Archives

Groton Life. (Groton, Conn.) 1952-1963 Connecticut State Library

Groton News. (Groton, Conn.) 1970-1975 Connecticut State Library

News. (Groton, Conn.) 1975-1978 Connecticut State Library

Sub. (Groton, Conn.) 1930s-1946 Multiple Archives

Weekly Review. (Groton, Conn.) 1880s-1900s Multiple Archives

Jewett City Newspapers and Obituaries

Star. (Jewett City, Conn.) 1940s-1960s Connecticut State Library

Ledyard Newspapers and Obituaries

Pequot Times. (Mashantucket [Ledyard], Ct) 1992-Current Multiple Archives

Lyme Newspapers and Obituaries

Sound Breeze. (Lyme, Conn.) 1889-1890s Multiple Archives

Mystic Newspapers and Obituaries

Compass Comment. (Mystic, Conn.) 1960s-1977 Connecticut State Library

Compass. (Mystic, Conn.) 1977-1991 Connecticut State Library

Dolphin. (Mystic, Conn.) 1950-1940s US Army

Mystic Journal. (Mystic, Conn.) 1905-1917 Connecticut State Library

Mystic Journal. (Mystic, Conn.) 1948-1952 Connecticut State Library

Mystic Pioneer 3/12/1859 - 3/2/1867 Genealogy Bank

Mystic Pioneer. (Mystic, Conn.) 1859-1870 Multiple Archives

Mystic River Press 1/11/2007 - Current Genealogy Bank

Mystic River Press. (Mystic, Conn.) 1992-Current Connecticut State Library

Mystic Semi-Weekly Journal. (Mystic, Conn.) 1895-1905 Connecticut State Library

Mystic Valley Mirror Journal. (Mystic, Conn.) 1952-1940s Connecticut State Library

New London Newspapers and Obituaries

Abstracts from the Connecticut Gazette (formerly the New London Gazette) covering southeastern Connecticut, 1774-1776 Grapevine Public Library

Abstracts from the Connecticut gazette (formerly the New London gazette) : covering southeastern Connecticut Connecticut State Library

Abstracts from the New London Gazette : covering southeastern Connecticut Family History Library

Abstracts from the New London gazette covering southeastern Connecticut Connecticut State Library

Abstracts from the New London gazette covering southeastern Connecticut, 1770-1773 Allen County Public Library

Bee 6/14/1797 - 6/23/1802 Genealogy Bank

Bee. (New London, Conn.) 1797-1821 Multiple Archives

Connecticut Gazette 11/18/1763 - 5/29/1844 Genealogy Bank

Connecticut Gazette ; and the Universal Intelligencer. (New-London [Conn.]) 1773-1787 Multiple Archives

Connecticut Gazette, and the Commercial Intelligencer. (New-London [Conn.]) 1800-1805 Multiple Archives

Connecticut Gazette. (New London, Conn.) 1873-1884 Multiple Archives

Connecticut Gazette. (New-London [Conn.]) 1787-1799 Multiple Archives

Connecticut Gazette. (New-London [Conn.]) 1805-1823 Multiple Archives

Connecticut Herald. (New Haven) 1821-1846 Multiple Archives

Daily Chronicle. (New London, Conn.) 1858-1861 Multiple Archives

Daily Star. (New London, Conn.) 1868-1873 Multiple Archives

Day (New London, Conn. : 1881) 1881-2008 Google News Archive

Day, The: Archive 7/24/2003 - 12/29/2006 Genealogy Bank

Day. (New London, Conn.) 1881-1925 Multiple Archives

Day. (New London, Conn.) 1896-1899 Multiple Archives

Day. (New London, Conn.) 1963-Current Multiple Archives

Democrat. (New London, Conn.) 1840s-1855 Library of Congress

Globe. (New London, Conn.) 1890-1896 Connecticut State Library

Morning News 11/8/1844 - 4/25/1848 Genealogy Bank

Morning News [Microform]. (New London, Conn.) 1844-1848 Multiple Archives

Morning News. (New London [Conn.) 1844-1848 Multiple Archives

Morning Telegraph. (New London, Conn.) 1885-1906 Multiple Archives

New London Advertiser. (New-London, Conn.) 1853-1856 Multiple Archives

New London Daily Chronicle 4/26/1848 - 12/31/1864 Genealogy Bank

New London Daily Globe. (New London, Conn.) 1897-1927 Multiple Archives

New London Daily Star 1/5/1857 - 8/16/1860 Genealogy Bank

New London Daily Star 5/8/1861-9/24/1866 Genealogy Bank

New London Democrat 3/21/1845 - 4/12/1873 Genealogy Bank

New London Evening Day. (New London, Conn.) 1925-1963 Multiple Archives

New London Globe. (New London, Conn.) 1927-1934 Connecticut State Library

New London Life. (New London, Conn.) 1946-1963 Connecticut State Library

New London Morning Star. (New London [Conn.]) 1846-1847 Multiple Archives

New London Weekly Chronicle 5/3/1848-2/25/1869 Genealogy Bank

New-London Daily Chronicle. (New London, Conn.) 1851-1858 Multiple Archives

New-London Daily Star. (New London, Conn.) 1855-1868 Multiple Archives

New-London Gazette & Advertiser. (New-London [Conn.]) 1840-1844 Multiple Archives

New-London Gazette, and General Advertiser. (New-London [Conn.]) 1823-1840 Multiple Archives

New-London Summary 9/29/1758 - 9/23/1763 Genealogy Bank

New-London Summary, Or, the Weekly Advertiser. (New London [Conn.]) 1758-1763 Multiple Archives

New-London Weekly Chronicle. (New London, Conn.) 1848-1860s Multiple Archives

New-York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury Microfilm Reel (New York) 1768-1783 Multiple Archives

Penny Press. (New London, Conn.) 1881-1882 Multiple Archives

People's Advocate 8/26/1840 - 4/26/1848 Genealogy Bank

People's Advocate and New London County Republican. Volume (New London, Conn.) 1840-1848 Multiple Archives

Republican Advocate 01/02/1822-12/10/1828 Genealogy Bank

Republican Advocate 1/2/1822 - 12/10/1828 Genealogy Bank

Republican Advocate. Volume (New London, Conn.) 1818-1828 Multiple Archives

State Temperance Journal. (New London, Conn.) 1866-1867 Multiple Archives

True Republican 7/1/1807 - 2/24/1808 Genealogy Bank

True Republican. (New London [Conn.]) 1807-1808 Multiple Archives

Week. (New London, Conn.) 1881-1896 Multiple Archives

Weekly Oracle 10/22/1796 - 12/30/1799 Genealogy Bank

Weekly Oracle. (New-London [Conn.]) 1796-1797 Multiple Archives

Niantic Newspapers and Obituaries

Connecticut Eastern News. (Niantic, Conn.) 1894-1898 Multiple Archives

News. (Niantic, Conn.) 1961-1979 Connecticut State Library

Niantic News. (Niantic, Conn.) 1950-1961 Connecticut State Library

Norwich Newspapers and Obituaries

Aurora. (Norwich City [Norwich], Conn.) 1835-1838 Multiple Archives

Canal of Intelligence 2/21/1827 - 10/28/1829 Genealogy Bank

Canal of Intelligence. (Norwich, Conn.) 1826-1829 Multiple Archives

Chelsea Courier. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1796-1798 Multiple Archives

Connecticut Centinel 2/16/1802 - 10/13/1807 Genealogy Bank

Cooley's Weekly. (Norwich, Conn.) 1876-1927 Multiple Archives

Courier. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1798-1809 Multiple Archives

Dolphin. ([Norwich, Conn.]) 1970s-2009 Connecticut State Library

Eastern Bulletin. (Norwich, Conn.) 1840s-1860 Connecticut Historical Society

Evening Courier. (Norwich, Ct.) 1856-1858 Multiple Archives

Examiner. (Norwich, Conn.) 1853-1855 Multiple Archives

Mechanics', Operatives', and Laborers' Advocate. (Norwich, Ct.) 1836-1837 Multiple Archives

Native American 3/4/1812 - 6/23/1813 Genealogy Bank

Native American. (Norwich, Conn.) 1812-1813 Multiple Archives

Norwich Aurora 5/15/1839 - 9/29/1876 Genealogy Bank

Norwich Aurora. (Norwich, Conn.) 1838-1878 Multiple Archives

Norwich Bulletin 1909-1922

Norwich Bulletin. (Norwich, Conn.) 1895-2011 Multiple Archives

Norwich Courier 11/30/1796 - 8/16/1876 Genealogy Bank

Norwich Courier [Microform]. (Norwich, Conn.) 1809-1845 Multiple Archives

Norwich Courier-Cooley's Weekly. (Norwich, Conn.) 1927-1930 Connecticut State Library

Norwich Courier. (Norwich, Conn.) 1809-1845 Multiple Archives

Norwich Courier. (Norwich, Ct.) 1842-1845 Multiple Archives

Norwich Daily Advertiser. (Norwich, Conn.) 1867-1874 Multiple Archives

Norwich Daily Courier. Volume (Norwich, Ct.) 1858-1859 Multiple Archives

Norwich Evening Courier 7/11/1846-1/18/1853 Genealogy Bank

Norwich Evening Courier. (Norwich, Ct.) 1845-1856 Multiple Archives

Norwich Morning Bulletin 10/16/1860 - 08/13/1887 Genealogy Bank

Norwich Morning Bulletin 10/16/1860 - 8/13/1887 Genealogy Bank

Norwich Morning Bulletin. (Norwich, Conn.) 1858-1895 Multiple Archives

Norwich Packet 11/11/1773 - 2/9/1802 Genealogy Bank

Norwich Packet ; and the Weekly Advertiser. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1779-1782 Multiple Archives

Norwich Packet and the Connecticut, Massachusetts, New-Hampshire, and Rhode-Island Weekly Advertiser. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1773-1777 Multiple Archives

Norwich Packet, Or, the Chronicle of Freedom. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1783-1785 Multiple Archives

Norwich Packet. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1777-1779 Multiple Archives

Norwich Packet. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1790-1802 Multiple Archives

Norwich Republican 10/1/1828 - 4/15/1835 Genealogy Bank

Norwich Republican and Stonington Telegraph. (Norwich City, Conn.) 1829-1831 Multiple Archives

Norwich Republican. (Norwich, Conn.) 1828-1829 Multiple Archives

Norwich Semi-Weekly Courier. (Norwich, Ct.) 1859-1860 Multiple Archives

Norwich Tribune. (Norwich, Ct) 1852-1853 Multiple Archives

Norwich Weekly Courier. (Norwich, Conn.) 1845-1859 Multiple Archives

Norwich bulletin (Norwich, Conn., from 1909-01-01 to 1922-12-30) Chronicling America

Norwich-Packet, Or, the Country Journal. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1785-1790 Multiple Archives

Religious Messenger 6/11/1831 - 9/8/1832 Genealogy Bank

Religious Messenger. (Norwich, Conn.) 1831-1832 Multiple Archives

Rose City Sentinel. (Norwich, Ct) 1984-Current Connecticut State Library

Souvenir edition of the Norwich evening record, describing and illustrating Norwich, "the Rose of New England," and its institutions, educational and religious advantages, banks, manufactures and trade, officials, citizens and homes 1894 Family History Library

The Norwich Courier : marriages and obituaries, Norwich Connecticut Family History Library

True Republican 6/20/1804 - 11/5/1806 Genealogy Bank

Weekly Register 11/29/1791 - 8/19/1795 Genealogy Bank

Weekly Register. (Norwich [Conn.]) 1791-1795 Multiple Archives

Weekly Reporter. (Norwich, Conn.) 1845-1847 Multiple Archives

Old Lyme Newspapers and Obituaries

Connecticut Shore. (Old Lyme, Conn.) 1930s-1940s Multiple Archives

Gazette. (Old Lyme [Conn.]) 1975-1988 Connecticut State Library

Olde Lyme Gazette. (Old Lyme [Conn.]) 1974-1975 Connecticut State Library

Sound Breeze and Riverside Intelligence. (Old Lyme, Conn.) 1890s-1896 Multiple Archives

Sound Breeze. (Old Lyme, Conn.) 1896-1898 Multiple Archives

Salem Newspapers and Obituaries

Salem Flash. (Salem [Conn.) 1930s-1930s Connecticut State Library

Salem Press. (Salem, Conn.) 1936-1940s Connecticut State Library

Salem Weekly Splash. (Salem, Conn.) 1930s-1930s Connecticut State Library

Stonington Newspapers and Obituaries

Advertiser. (Stonington, Conn.) 1853-1840s Multiple Archives

America's Friend 7/29/1807-9/28/1808 Genealogy Bank

America's Friend. (Stonington, Conn.) 1807-1800s Multiple Archives

Compass. (Stonington, Conn.) 1959-1960s Connecticut State Library

Impartial Journal 10/8/1799 - 3/6/1804 Genealogy Bank

Impartial Journal. (Stonington, Conn.) 1799-1804 Multiple Archives

Journal of the Times 10/10/1798 - 9/17/1799 Genealogy Bank

Journal of the Times. (Stonington [Conn.]) 1798-1799 Multiple Archives

Mirror-Journal. (Stonington, Conn.) 1946-1948 Multiple Archives

Mystic Journal. Volume (Stonington, Conn.) 1872-1895 Multiple Archives

Mystic Press. (Mystic River [Stonington], Conn.) 1873-1901 Multiple Archives

Patriot 7/24/1801 - 2/11/1803 Genealogy Bank

Penny Press. (Middletown, Conn.) 1884-1918 Multiple Archives

Resident. (Stonington, Ct) 1990-Current Connecticut State Library

Stonington Gazette. (Stonington, Conn.) 1860-1860s Connecticut Historical Society

Stonington Mirror and Mystic Journal. (Stonington, Conn.) 1917-1943 Connecticut State Library

Stonington Mirror. (Stonington, Conn.) 1905-1917 Connecticut State Library

Stonington Mirror. (Stonington, Conn.) 1948-1952 Connecticut State Library

Stonington Mirror. Volume (Stonington, Conn.) 1869-1871 Multiple Archives

Stonington Mirror. Volume (Stonington, Conn.) 1872-1895 Multiple Archives

Stonington Phenix. (Stonington [Conn.]) 1830-1830s Multiple Archives

Stonington Semi-Weekly Mirror. (Stonington, Conn.) 1895-1905 Connecticut State Library

Stonington Telegraph. (Stonington, Conn.) 1827-1829 Multiple Archives

Weekly Mirror-Journal. (Stonington, Conn.) 1871-1872 Connecticut State Library

Yankee 02/16/1825-06/22/1825 Genealogy Bank

Yankee. (Stonington Borough, Conn.) 1824-1827 Multiple Archives

Uncasville Newspapers and Obituaries

Home News. (Uncasville, Ct) 1984-1990 Connecticut State Library

Voluntown Newspapers and Obituaries

Opposition, Air War. (Voluntown, Ct) 1972-1970s Multiple Archives

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