Windham County CT Newspapers and Obituaries

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Connecticut Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Windham County Newspapers and Obituaries

Connecticut, Hale Cemetery Inscriptions and Newspaper Notices, 1629-1934 Ancestry

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-2018 Ancestry

Windham county transcript death notices Allen County Public Library

Ashford Newspapers and Obituaries

Ashford Citizen. (Ashford, Conn.) 1952-1960s Connecticut State Library

Ashford Citizen. ([Ashford, Conn.) 1975-Current Connecticut State Library

Brooklyn Newspapers and Obituaries

Harrisonian. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1840-1840s Multiple Archives

Independent Observer 12/18/1820-05/13/1822 Genealogy Bank

Independent Observer, and County Advertiser. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1820-1820s Multiple Archives

Independent Observer. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1820s-1824 Connecticut Historical Society

Observer. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1824-1820s Multiple Archives

People's Press. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1830s-1830s American Antiquarian Society

Unionist. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1833-1830s Multiple Archives

Windham County Advertiser. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1826-1830s Multiple Archives

Danielson Newspapers and Obituaries

Advertiser. (Danielson and Putnam, Conn.) 1915-1910s Multiple Archives

Democratic Sentinel. (Danielsonville [Danielson], Conn.) 1875-1870s Connecticut State Library

Taylor's Home Journal. (Danielsonville [Danielson], Conn.) 1892-1890s Multiple Archives

Weekly Herald. (Danielsonville [Danielson], Conn.) 1870-1875 Multiple Archives

Windham County Press. (Danielsonville, Conn.) 1870s-1870s Multiple Archives

Windham County Transcript 7/2/1863 - 2/12/1890 Genealogy Bank

Dayville Newspapers and Obituaries

Dayville Sunbeam. (Dayville, Conn.) 1882-1883 Connecticut State Library

Killingly Observer. (Dayville, Conn.) 1897-1898 Connecticut State Library

Observer. (Dayville, Killingly, Conn.) 1898-1900 Connecticut State Library

Windham County Sunbeam. (Dayville, Conn.) 1883-1884 Connecticut State Library

Hampton Newspapers and Obituaries

Hampton Gazette. (Hampton, Conn.) 1970s-Current Connecticut State Library

Killingly Newspapers and Obituaries

Democratic Argus. (West Killingly [I.E. Killingly], Conn.) 1848-1840s Connecticut Historical Society

New England Arena. (West Killingly [Killingly], Conn.) 1840s-1840s Multiple Archives

New England Weekly Arena. (West Killingly [Killingly], Conn.) 1840s-1840s Connecticut Historical Society

True Democrat. (West Killingly, Conn.) 1850-1840s American Antiquarian Society

Windham County Telegraph 03/08/1848-05/06/1858 Genealogy Bank

Windham County Telegraph. (West Killingly [Killingly], Conn.) 1848-1859 Multiple Archives

Windham County Transcript. (West Killingly, Conn.) 1860-1977 Multiple Archives

Moosup Newspapers and Obituaries

Jewett City Press. (Moosup, Conn.) 1880s-1954 Multiple Archives

Journal Press. (Moosup, Conn.) 1955-1977 Multiple Archives

Moosup Journal. (Moosup, Conn.) 1890s-1954 Multiple Archives

Plainfield Journal. (Moosup, Conn.) 1880s-1954 Multiple Archives

Plainfield Newspapers and Obituaries

Great Freshet. (Plainfield, Conn.) 1880s-1880s Multiple Archives

Putnam Newspapers and Obituaries

Daily Standard. (Putnam, Conn.) 1890-1890s Connecticut State Library

Fashist. (Putnam, Conn.) 1933-1940 Multiple Archives

Observer-Patriot. (Putnam, Conn.) 1979-1994 Connecticut State Library

Putnam Patriot. (Putnam, Conn.) 1872-1962 Multiple Archives

Putnam Town Crier and Northeast Ledger. (Putnam, Ct) 1990s-Current Connecticut State Library

Windham County News. (Putnam, Conn.) 1875-1877 Multiple Archives

Windham County Observer, Putnam Patriot. (Putnam, Conn.) 1962-1979 Connecticut State Library

Windham County Observer. (Putnam, Conn.) 1900-1962 Connecticut State Library

Windham County Standard. (Putnam, Conn.) 1884-1900 Multiple Archives

Thompson Newspapers and Obituaries

Index To Thompson Church Records, 1730-1795, Published in Putnam Patriot, Putnam, Conn Family History Library

Thompson Bulletin. (Thompson, Conn.) 1830s-1840s Connecticut State Library

Willimantic Newspapers and Obituaries

Chronicle. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1971-Current Multiple Archives

Connecticut Home. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1886-1891 Multiple Archives

Public Medium. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1848-1840s Multiple Archives

Willimantic Daily Chronicle. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1891-1971 Multiple Archives

Willimantic Enterprise. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1877-1879 Multiple Archives

Willimantic Journal 10/5/1865 - 12/13/1866 Genealogy Bank

Willimantic Journal. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1840s-1911 Multiple Archives

Windham Newspapers and Obituaries

Advertiser 5/7/1818 - 3/11/1819 Genealogy Bank

Advertiser [Microform]. (Windham, Conn.) 1818-1819 Multiple Archives

Advertiser. (Windham [Conn.]) 1818-1819 Multiple Archives

Phenix, Or, Windham Herald [Microform]. (Windham [Conn.]) 1791-1798 Multiple Archives

Phenix, Or, Windham Herald. (Windham [Conn.]) 1791-1798 Multiple Archives

Philadelphia Album and Ladies' Literary Gazette. (Philadelphia) 1827-1830 Multiple Archives

Political Visitant 5/15/1820 - 5/15/1820 Genealogy Bank

Political Visitant. (Windham, Conn.) 1819-1820 Multiple Archives

Register 3/13/1817 - 1/1/1818 Genealogy Bank

Register and Country Advertiser. (Windham, Conn.) 1817-1818 Multiple Archives

Windham Herald 3/12/1791 - 12/31/1812 Genealogy Bank

Windham Herald. (Windham [Conn.]) 1798-1816 Multiple Archives

Woodstock Newspapers and Obituaries

Woodstock Gazette. (Woodstock, Conn.) 1900s-1920s Connecticut State Library