Windham County CT Newspapers and Obituaries

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Connecticut Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Windham County Newspapers and Obituaries

1800s-current, Obituary Index Ancestry

Connecticut, Hale Cemetery Inscriptions and Newspaper Notices, 1629-1934 Ancestry

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-current Ancestry

Windham county transcript death notices Allen County Public Library

Ashford Newspapers and Obituaries

Ashford Citizen. (Ashford, Conn.) 1952-1960s Connecticut State Library

Ashford Citizen. ([Ashford, Conn.) 1975-Current Connecticut State Library

Brooklyn Newspapers and Obituaries

Harrisonian. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1840-1840s Multiple Archives

Independent Observer 12/18/1820-05/13/1822 Genealogy Bank

Independent Observer, and County Advertiser. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1820-1820s Multiple Archives

Independent Observer. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1820s-1824 Connecticut Historical Society

Observer. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1824-1820s Multiple Archives

People's Press. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1830s-1830s American Antiquarian Society

Unionist. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1833-1830s Multiple Archives

Windham County Advertiser. (Brooklyn, Conn.) 1826-1830s Multiple Archives

Danielson Newspapers and Obituaries

Advertiser. (Danielson and Putnam, Conn.) 1915-1910s Multiple Archives

Democratic Sentinel. (Danielsonville [Danielson], Conn.) 1875-1870s Connecticut State Library

Taylor's Home Journal. (Danielsonville [Danielson], Conn.) 1892-1890s Multiple Archives

Weekly Herald. (Danielsonville [Danielson], Conn.) 1870-1875 Multiple Archives

Windham County Press. (Danielsonville, Conn.) 1870s-1870s Multiple Archives

Windham County Transcript 7/2/1863 - 2/12/1890 Genealogy Bank

Dayville Newspapers and Obituaries

Dayville Sunbeam. (Dayville, Conn.) 1882-1883 Connecticut State Library

Killingly Observer. (Dayville, Conn.) 1897-1898 Connecticut State Library

Observer. (Dayville, Killingly, Conn.) 1898-1900 Connecticut State Library

Windham County Sunbeam. (Dayville, Conn.) 1883-1884 Connecticut State Library

Hampton Newspapers and Obituaries

Hampton Gazette. (Hampton, Conn.) 1970s-Current Connecticut State Library

Killingly Newspapers and Obituaries

Democratic Argus. (West Killingly [I.E. Killingly], Conn.) 1848-1840s Connecticut Historical Society

New England Arena. (West Killingly [Killingly], Conn.) 1840s-1840s Multiple Archives

New England Weekly Arena. (West Killingly [Killingly], Conn.) 1840s-1840s Connecticut Historical Society

True Democrat. (West Killingly, Conn.) 1850-1840s American Antiquarian Society

Windham County Telegraph 03/08/1848-05/06/1858 Genealogy Bank

Windham County Telegraph. (West Killingly [Killingly], Conn.) 1848-1859 Multiple Archives

Windham County Transcript. (West Killingly, Conn.) 1860-1977 Multiple Archives

Moosup Newspapers and Obituaries

Jewett City Press. (Moosup, Conn.) 1880s-1954 Multiple Archives

Journal Press. (Moosup, Conn.) 1955-1977 Multiple Archives

Moosup Journal. (Moosup, Conn.) 1890s-1954 Multiple Archives

Plainfield Journal. (Moosup, Conn.) 1880s-1954 Multiple Archives

Plainfield Newspapers and Obituaries

Great Freshet. (Plainfield, Conn.) 1880s-1880s Multiple Archives

Putnam Newspapers and Obituaries

Daily Standard. (Putnam, Conn.) 1890-1890s Connecticut State Library

Fashist. (Putnam, Conn.) 1933-1940 Multiple Archives

Observer-Patriot. (Putnam, Conn.) 1979-1994 Connecticut State Library

Putnam Patriot. (Putnam, Conn.) 1872-1962 Multiple Archives

Putnam Town Crier and Northeast Ledger. (Putnam, Ct) 1990s-Current Connecticut State Library

Windham County News. (Putnam, Conn.) 1875-1877 Multiple Archives

Windham County Observer, Putnam Patriot. (Putnam, Conn.) 1962-1979 Connecticut State Library

Windham County Observer. (Putnam, Conn.) 1900-1962 Connecticut State Library

Windham County Standard. (Putnam, Conn.) 1884-1900 Multiple Archives

Thompson Newspapers and Obituaries

Index To Thompson Church Records, 1730-1795, Published in Putnam Patriot, Putnam, Conn Family History Library

Thompson Bulletin. (Thompson, Conn.) 1830s-1840s Connecticut State Library

Willimantic Newspapers and Obituaries

Chronicle. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1971-Current Multiple Archives

Connecticut Home. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1886-1891 Multiple Archives

Public Medium. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1848-1840s Multiple Archives

Willimantic Daily Chronicle. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1891-1971 Multiple Archives

Willimantic Enterprise. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1877-1879 Multiple Archives

Willimantic Journal 10/5/1865 - 12/13/1866 Genealogy Bank

Willimantic Journal. (Willimantic, Conn.) 1840s-1911 Multiple Archives

Windham Newspapers and Obituaries

Advertiser 5/7/1818 - 3/11/1819 Genealogy Bank

Advertiser [Microform]. (Windham, Conn.) 1818-1819 Multiple Archives

Advertiser. (Windham [Conn.]) 1818-1819 Multiple Archives

Phenix, Or, Windham Herald [Microform]. (Windham [Conn.]) 1791-1798 Multiple Archives

Phenix, Or, Windham Herald. (Windham [Conn.]) 1791-1798 Multiple Archives

Philadelphia Album and Ladies' Literary Gazette. (Philadelphia) 1827-1830 Multiple Archives

Political Visitant 5/15/1820 - 5/15/1820 Genealogy Bank

Political Visitant. (Windham, Conn.) 1819-1820 Multiple Archives

Register 3/13/1817 - 1/1/1818 Genealogy Bank

Register and Country Advertiser. (Windham, Conn.) 1817-1818 Multiple Archives

Windham Herald 3/12/1791 - 12/31/1812 Genealogy Bank

Windham Herald. (Windham [Conn.]) 1798-1816 Multiple Archives

Woodstock Newspapers and Obituaries

Woodstock Gazette. (Woodstock, Conn.) 1900s-1920s Connecticut State Library