1940 U.S. Federal Census of Aeprecest, Santa Rosa, Florida

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USA > Florida > Santa Rosa County > 1940 Census of Aeprecest

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A Surnames

ArdBessie Jerrellborn about 1928
ArdCarlton Jr born about 1930
ArdHoward Cborn about 1903
ArdLena born about 1909
ArdLillie Maeborn about 1925
ArdMannie Lborn about 1935
ArdR Jborn about 1933
ArdWilliam Faurleyborn about

B Surnames

BahannonCalvin born about 1916
BaileyBessie Jeameteborn about 1913
BaileyCallie Dborn about 1938
BaileyTheodore Roosemblborn about 1905
BaileyThersa born about 1937
BaileyWayne born about 1885
BauldreeLucy Maeborn about 1925
BohannanSarah Elizabethborn about 1871

D Surnames

DiamondAbner Dwellborn about 1910
DiamondAubery Rayborn about 1934
DiamondLila born about 1875
DiamondLozarar* Battleborn about 1870
DiamondLugh born about 1884
DiamondMyra Virgianborn about 1938
DiamondRay Deloisborn about 1933
DiamondSarah born about 1912
DiamondWilliam Leeborn about 1866

F Surnames

FlowersElla born about 1900
FlowersErvin born about 1902
FlowersJoseph Jr born about 1928
FlowersLona Mayborn about 1924
FlowersLuther Lborn about 1932
FreeEddie Dborn about 1891
FreeSarah Francisborn about 1896

H Surnames

HatfieldRay Wborn about 1916
HatfieldVelvie born about 1923
HattfieldAda born about 1896
HattfieldAllen born about 1923
HattfieldEula Rayborn about 1921
HattfieldSarah born about 1925

J Surnames

JacksonDorthy born about 1927
JacksonIez born about 1925
JacksonJames Oscarborn about 1939
JacksonLena Maeborn about 1901
JacksonOscar Leeborn about 1893
JonesArthur born about 1910
JonesAssa Margaretborn about 1878
JonesInfant born about
JonesJ Tborn about 1933
JonesJoseph Mborn about 1918
JonesLaura Helenborn about 1938
JonesMartha Sborn about 1881
JonesMyrtle born about 1912
JonesRobert Carlborn about 1935
JonesWalter Leeborn about 1925

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P Surnames

PintonRosa born about 1896

R Surnames

RennstdsRuth born about 1910

S Surnames

ShellJames Aborn about 1904
ShellMyrtle born about 1903
StewartClayton Jr born about 1936
StewartElla Mseborn about 1915
StewartFloyd Claytonborn about 1908
StewartLonnie Murlborn about 1932
StewartMyra Sueborn about 1938
StewartReba Nellborn about 1934

T Surnames

TateBeatrise born about 1935
TateHellmar born about 1933
TateNero born about 1903
TorbsRobert born about 1867
TorbsSallie born about 1890

W Surnames

WardArthur born about 1908
WardArthur Blufardborn about
WardCaleman Gayborn about 1906
WardIris born about 1912
WardJ Nathanelborn about 1904
WardLillian Janeborn about 1913
WardLouise born about 1936
WardLunell born about 1934
WardMary Floreneborn about 1934
WardSarah born about 1930
WardWelka born about 1856
WoodE Jborn about 1854

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