1940 U.S. Federal Census of Beat Bay View, Holmes, Florida

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USA > Florida > Holmes County > 1940 Census of Beat Bay View

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames L Surnames M Surnames S Surnames U Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AustinLouise born about 1912
AustinT Jborn about 1908

B Surnames

BrackinsMrs W Lborn about 1876

C Surnames

CallinsAnnie born about 1888
CallinsEwell born about 1920
CallinsJerkins Mamieborn about 1912
CallinsLois born about 1918
CallinsMildred born about 1933
CallinsN Fborn about 1886
CallinsNellie born about 1921
CallinsRobert Lborn about 1916
CallinsWoodrow born about 1923
CollinsJacqulin born about 1937
CollinsT Fborn about 1911
CollinsVere Maeborn about 1904

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D Surnames

DownsL Fborn about 1890

F Surnames

FairclothCody born about 1921
FairclothD Eborn about 1895
FairclothLatheria born about 1900

G Surnames

GoneJohn born about 1890
GoneMary Elizabethborn about 1900

H Surnames

HallD Dborn about 1890
HallHarvie born about 1892
HallRollie born about 1916
HallSusie born about 1896
HallThelma born about 1924
HarrellS Gborn about 1887
HarrellVella born about 1888

L Surnames

LangfordAgnes born about 1920
LangfordHaywood born about 1919
LewinDotson born about 1918
LewinVertie Maeborn about 1920
LewisAda born about 1892
LewisArthur born about 1921
LewisBuford born about 1917
LewisCaroline born about 1865
LewisFay Deanborn about 1932
LewisGrady born about 1923
LewisJ Bborn about 1900
LewisK Bborn about 1925
LewisMyrtle born about 1928
LewisRex born about 1927
LewisThea born about 1921
LewisVander born about 1925
LewisVeleter born about 1894
LewisVerlon born about 1934
LewisVernon born about 1936
LewisVirgle born about 1923
LewisW Gborn about 1882
LewisW Hborn about 1890

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M Surnames

MillerClora born about 1921
MillerEmmit born about 1917
MixonA Leeborn about 1937
MixonClaudia born about 1918
MixonDewey born about 1917
MixonPaul Amosborn about 1939

S Surnames

SellersCallie born about 1873
SellersT Lborn about 1876
SmithC Yborn about 1872
SmithColla born about 1915
SmithMary born about 1885
SmithT Fborn about 1918
SmithW Cborn about 1920
StuartAnnie Maeborn about 1915

U Surnames

UrguhartHelen born about 1927
UrguhartJames Hborn about 1925
UrguhartMeiral born about 1929
UrguhartOra born about 1905
UrguhartRuth born about 1932
UrguhartS Bborn about 1900

W Surnames

WhiddonBulah born about 1925
WhiddonDempsey born about 1933
WhiddonFranklin born about 1937
WhiddonH Pborn about 1888
WhiddonViola born about 1907

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