1940 U.S. Federal Census of Belleair in Miami-Dade County, Miami-Dade, Florida

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USA > Florida > Miami-Dade County > 1940 Census of Belleair in Miami-Dade County

B Surnames G Surnames H Surnames K Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BarnesEra Mborn about 1897
BarnesRobert Sborn about 1897
BarnesWalter Eborn about 1871
BarnesWalter Gborn about 1904
BeallMildred Bborn about 1900

G Surnames

GrushAlice born about 1920
GrushMae born about 1917
GrushShirley born about 1918

H Surnames

HallChas Marvinborn about 1898
HallE Richardborn about 1894
HallEmma Mborn about 1874
HallFranklin Dborn about 1908
HallJohn Kimptonborn about 1907
HalvarsenBetty Louborn about 1932
HalvarsenClio* born about 1902
HalvarsenNorman born about 1910

K Surnames

KingAllene born about 1905
KingRobert born about 1895

M Surnames

MulfordAudra born about 1910
MulfordEvelyn born about 1890
MulfordJ born about 1880

P Surnames

PlummerGeorge Fborn about 1918
PlummerMarjorie Kborn about 1913
PlummerMuril Jborn about 1913
PlummerValentine Cborn about 1893

R Surnames

RamseyElanor born about 1894
RamseyLee born about 1890
RolleCharles born about 1912
RolleEvelyn born about 1922
RolleJacob born about 1890
RolleRachal born about 1893
RolleWillard born about 1920
RuthvenElizabeth Eborn about 1875
RuthvenF Jborn about 1881

S Surnames

SwartzRuth born about 1906

T Surnames

ThorntonEthel born about 1920

V Surnames

VardamanNiel born about 1939
VardamanVirgil born about 1910
VarmanInez Eborn about 1910

W Surnames

WheelerMary Jborn about 1861

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