1940 U.S. Federal Census of Beresford, Volusia, Florida

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USA > Florida > Volusia County > 1940 Census of Beresford

B Surnames H Surnames L Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BrownJames Rborn about 1892
BrownJerry born about 1923
BrownMabel Marieborn about 1896

H Surnames

HensleyLee born about 1913
HensleyMadgie born about 1914
HollandFlorence born about 1889
HollandJames Fborn about 1890
HollandLuiza born about 1854
HunterIrving Fborn about 1891
HunterJessie Louiseborn about 1929
HunterMarion Francisborn about 1923
HunterMary Sborn about 1894
HunterRuth Elenorborn about 1924

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L Surnames

LewoxCarry born about 1872
LewoxTheodore born about 1903

M Surnames

MarshClara born about 1865
MorelandCharles Jr born about 1931
MorelandChester Tborn about 1901
MorelandFred Lborn about 1876
MorelandIrene born about 1877
MorelandIrene born about 1927
MorelandVivian born about 1899

P Surnames

ParsonParce born about 1865
PluckClementne born about 1873
PluckWilliam born about 1860

R Surnames

RobinsonAmy born about 1900
RobinsonBetty Louborn about 1934
RobinsonJames born about 1929
RobinsonJoe born about 1931
RobinsonJohnson born about 1888
RobinsonPearl born about 1939
RobinsonSannie born about 1925
RobinsonWillie Maeborn about 1927

V Surnames

ValenineJohn C Mborn about 1875
ValenineMarjery Tborn about 1894

W Surnames

WarrensfodBert born about 1905
WarrensfodJames born about 1888
WrightEthel Kborn about 1880
WrightJames Wborn about 1876
WrightMartie Bborn about 1919

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