1940 U.S. Federal Census of Berrydale, Santa Rosa, Florida

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USA > Florida > Santa Rosa County > 1940 Census of Berrydale

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames P Surnames R Surnames

B Surnames

BaltonBarbra Jeanborn about 1933
BaltonBonnie Janetteborn about 1935
BaltonMittie Annieborn about 1906
BaltonWilliam Wborn about 1905

C Surnames

CopelandCharles Edwardborn about 1934
CopelandLucile Nolaborn about 1909
CopelandNola Janetteborn about 1928
CopelandSamuel Columbusborn about 1898
CopelandSamuel Dudlyborn about 1931
CopelandVirginia Hayteanborn about 1926

F Surnames

FieldsAddie born about 1885
FieldsAlice born about 1923
FieldsSamuel Lborn about 1873

H Surnames

HawkinsBell born about 1870

J Surnames

JonesBettie Jeanborn about 1935
JonesCathalene born about 1916
JonesDavid born about 1929
JonesSantford born about 1909

L Surnames

LocklinBurton Lamarborn about 1909
LocklinBurton Lanierborn about 1938
LocklinMary Pettersonborn about 1936
LocklinMary Robbinsborn about 1914
LocklinSylviadella born about 1936

P Surnames

PortwoodBessie born about 1911
PortwoodJames born about 1933
PortwoodRobert born about 1931
PortwoodW Lborn about 1929
PortwoodWilliam born about 1935

R Surnames

RogersFrancis Clintonborn about 1856
RogersHosea born about 1896
RowellBeatrice born about 1924
RowellBertie born about 1909
RowellG B Jrborn about 1932
RowellGreen Berryborn about 1889
RowellHazel born about 1930
RowellJ Dborn about 1934
RowellJewell born about 1922
RowellLinnie Cborn about 1894
RowellShelby born about 1926
RowellWillie Jeanborn about 1928

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