1940 U.S. Federal Census of Bokeelia, Lee, Florida

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USA > Florida > Lee County > 1940 Census of Bokeelia

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B Surnames

BertrandArthur born about 1884
BertrandOliver Sborn about 1894

C Surnames

ChipleyGrace Nborn about 1880
CurryC Jborn about 1898
CurryCurtis born about 1929
CurryOlie born about 1910

D Surnames

DykesEvelyn born about 1915
DykesTobe born about 1912

F Surnames

FairclothL Mborn about 1910
FairclothLeona born about 1921
FairclothLewis Rborn about 1938
FairclothMelba Lborn about 1940
FosterCecilia born about 1898
FosterHarriet born about 1924
FosterJ Hborn about 1896
FultonLucy born about 1864

G Surnames

GentWillis born about 1877

H Surnames

HewardBenj Fborn about 1908
HewardJ Clytos Aborn about 1923
HewardMargaret Lborn about 1921
HewardRita Oborn about 1903
HewardRoy Wborn about 1898
HiteC Pborn about 1869
HoneAugustas born about 1925
HoneJohn born about 1935
HoneLudmila born about 1899
HoneMarie born about 1919
HoneV Jborn about 1885

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P Surnames

PaulyC Hborn about 1875
PruterFlora Jborn about 1873
PruterH Cborn about 1876
PruterMary Aborn about 1875

R Surnames

RossAlex Tborn about 1869
RossAnna born about 1913
RossEthel born about 1872

W Surnames

WilliamsJ Tborn about 1903
WilliamsJeanette born about 1926
WilliamsMana Belleborn about 1909
WilliamsMary Lanborn about 1928
WilliamsRabun born about 1932

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