1940 U.S. Federal Census of Bradenton in Polk County, Polk, Florida

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USA > Florida > Polk County > 1940 Census of Bradenton in Polk County

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames H Surnames L Surnames M Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BranchWilliam Dborn about 1882

C Surnames

CarrollMary Annborn about 1891
CarrollRichard Hborn about 1872
CarrollWilliam Hborn about 1926
CaruthersAnder born about 1911
CaruthersBane Aborn about 1913
CaruthersHenry Aborn about 1938
CaruthersRobert Lborn about 1940
CateCrockett Cborn about 1902
CateEmma Lborn about 1934
CateKatie Bborn about 1913

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F Surnames

ForbesLeroy Eborn about 1910
ForbesLeroy Jborn about 1934
ForbesMary Eborn about 1939
ForbesN Lucileborn about 1913
ForbesWilliam Fborn about 1935

H Surnames

HazzardEula Mayborn about 1929
HazzardLouis born about 1928
HazzardPearly Mayborn about 1925

L Surnames

LivingstonEarnest Lborn about 1935
LivingstonJames born about 1896
LivingstonLottie Maeyborn about 1937
LivingstonSarah Lborn about 1916

M Surnames

McBrideAlice Jborn about 1889
McBrideDora Eborn about 1923
McBrideE Alexborn about 1919
McBrideHarold Lborn about 1923
McBrideWilliam Aborn about 1879
McBrideWinfred Jborn about 1929
McClainEddie born about 1912
McClainGeather born about 1915
McClainLillie Francisborn about 1940

R Surnames

RichardsonJoseph born about 1912

S Surnames

SimmonsArthur Hborn about 1927
SimmonsClarence Wborn about 1931
SimmonsElvie born about 1905
SimmonsHurgle Lborn about 1925
SimmonsOttis Rborn about 1895

W Surnames

WilliamsRethar born about 1906
WilliamsWillie born about 1903

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