1940 U.S. Federal Census of Brandybranch, Nassau, Florida

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USA > Florida > Nassau County > 1940 Census of Brandybranch

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A Surnames

AndersonJohn Hborn about 1890
AndersonJohn H Jrborn about 1928
AndersonPauline born about 1895
AndersonR Marionborn about 1919

B Surnames

BoydHenson born about 1925
BraddockE Hborn about 1922
BraddockHarry Eborn about 1889
BraddockMaggie Sborn about 1897
BraddockRubye born about 1919

C Surnames

CrawfordElizabeth born about 1908
CrawfordJeanette born about 1935

D Surnames

DarnellHarold born about 1909

E Surnames

ErvinCharlie Hborn about 1929
ErvinHarry Fborn about 1909
ErvinHenry Eborn about 1935
ErvinLavania Eborn about 1909
ErvinWilliam Gborn about 1931

F Surnames

FourakerA Elizabethborn about 1931
FourakerAda Eborn about 1890
FourakerAmos Dborn about 1923
FourakerAmos Kborn about 1884
FourakerChristeen Mborn about 1935
FourakerEthel born about 1916
FourakerKansas born about 1885
FourakerPasco born about 1901
FourakerRosie Eborn about 1933
FourakerVasco Lborn about 1926

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H Surnames

HaganB Bertieborn about 1899
HaganBobby Annborn about 1936
HaganClinton Iborn about 1904
HaganClinton I Jrborn about 1930
HaganDorothy Iborn about 1927
HaganGrady born about 1916
HaganJoe Lborn about 1933
HaganW Inezborn about 1923
HicksDavid Bborn about 1911
HicksSusan born about 1868
HigginbothamArnold Rborn about 1935
HigginbothamHarriett born about 1885
HigginbothamIda Dborn about 1911
HigginbothamJosie Aborn about 1878
HigginbothamJulia Iborn about 1910
HigginbothamLeroy Fborn about 1918
HigginbothamNathalee Vborn about 1940
HigginbothamNathan Hborn about 1875
HigginbothamRalph Gborn about 1939
HigginbothamRuby Dborn about 1933
HigginbothamRussell Aborn about 1901
HigginbothamTommie Lborn about 1939
HigginbothamVirginia Aborn about 1923
HigginbothamWilliam Gborn about 1891
HuntAlbert Hborn about 1924
HuntChester Aborn about 1888
HuntChester A Jrborn about 1935
HuntFrances Virginiaborn about 1897
HuntGrace Lborn about 1900
HuntHelen Fborn about 1930
HuntKathleen Sborn about 1924
HuntNathan Hborn about 1926
HuntRichard Dborn about 1928

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J Surnames

JohnsonEdward Eborn about 1907
JohnsonElwood born about 1927
JohnsonHarley Wborn about 1902
JohnsonHarry born about 1939
JohnsonJ Dborn about 1925
JohnsonJames Hborn about 1929
JohnsonLeah Bborn about 1907
JohnsonLeah Eborn about 1913
JohnsonPhene born about 1885
JonesCharles Eborn about 1872
JonesJoseph Bborn about 1899
JonesLois born about 1909

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K Surnames

KinardEmma born about 1877
KinardEmory born about 1912
KinardOliver born about 1915

L Surnames

LaneEloise Mborn about 1928
LaneLouis Lborn about 1900
LaneMable Fborn about 1907

M Surnames

MotesKatie Iborn about 1888
MotesMinnie born about 1883
MotesRobert Cborn about 1882
MotesRobert Leeborn about 1924

N Surnames

NortonBernice born about 1922
NortonEugene born about 1929
NortonHugh born about 1938
NortonJanice born about 1932
NortonLavern born about 1928
NortonMillie born about 1907
NortonNancy born about 1883
NortonNoah born about 1901

S Surnames

StokesEmma Fborn about 1902
StokesEmory Pborn about 1901
StokesEva born about 1916
StokesFay Mborn about 1886
StokesFestus Nborn about 1889
StokesHarold Fborn about 1940
SuitsAlvin Hborn about 1925
SuitsAudell born about 1892
SuitsCharles Bborn about 1882
SuitsJack Hborn about 1907
SuitsLouise Dborn about 1930
SuitsRose Maryborn about 1934

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W Surnames

WhiteheadAlma born about 1876
WhiteheadFrederick Jborn about 1872
WhiteheadJoseph Iborn about 1878

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