1940 U.S. Federal Census of Branson in Escambia County, Escambia, Florida

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USA > Florida > Escambia County > 1940 Census of Branson in Escambia County

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames E Surnames G Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames U Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AndrewsEvelena born about 1937
AndrewsEvelyn born about 1932
AndrewsLizzie born about 1917
AndrewsSam born about 1913

B Surnames

BrooksJim born about 1875

C Surnames

CarterEddie born about 1940
CarterEdward born about 1929
CarterLorea born about 1881
CarterMary born about 1883
CarterRaymond born about 1924
CarterRosalee born about 1920
CooperElla born about 1906
CooperJohn born about 1897
CooperJohn Jr born about 1937
CooperMaria born about 1870
CooperMary Lborn about 1931
CorstaffneyEssie Lborn about 1923
CorstaffneyJulius born about 1891
CorstaffneyNettie born about 1903

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E Surnames

EddinsJohn born about 1880
EddinsOra born about 1893

G Surnames

GilchristAlex born about 1916

J Surnames

JohnsonDonie born about 1890
JohnsonJames born about 1883
JohnsonViola born about 1923

K Surnames

KnawlesDaniel born about 1882
KnawlesFrank born about 1927
KnawlesKenneth born about 1926
KnawlesWilliam Jborn about 1921

L Surnames

LindsayRosa Mborn about 1933

M Surnames

MacksBetty Bborn about 1938
MacksBillie born about 1937
MacksBobby born about 1934
MacksJ Oborn about 1887
MacksLeonard born about 1925
MacksMamie born about 1892
McGoughWilliam Lborn about 1920

U Surnames

UrquhartD Aborn about 1869
UrquhartElla Lborn about 1880

W Surnames

WarbingtonJessie born about 1890

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