1940 U.S. Federal Census of Buckhead, Glades, Florida

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USA > Florida > Glades County > 1940 Census of Buckhead

A Surnames C Surnames L Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AlbrittonBessie Lborn about 1909
AlbrittonWilliam Aborn about 1906

C Surnames

ChristieMinnie born about 1888
ClarkAgnes born about 1905
ClarkBetty Lenroeborn about 1924

L Surnames

LeitnerAlbert Hborn about 1898
LeitnerCartis born about 1930
LeitnerEthel born about 1925
LeitnerJames Kborn about 1900
LeitnerLevita born about 1902
LeitnerLillie Maeborn about 1905
LeitnerLois born about 1934
LeitnerMargaret Lborn about 1926
LeitnerRay born about 1937
LeitnerRosa born about 1928

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R Surnames

RaganEugene Gborn about 1907

S Surnames

SelphMinnie born about 1882
SelphTom Mborn about 1868
SelphWalter born about 1922
SpellsBetty Juneborn about 1931
SpellsMary Evelynborn about 1926
StubbsLucine Wborn about 1887

V Surnames

VickersCecil Marieborn about 1939
VickersJ Rborn about 1918
VickersMaggie Bborn about 1921
VickersMaude Lborn about 1917
VickersP Bborn about 1912

W Surnames

WynnGeo Herverborn about 1906
WynnPearlie Maeborn about 1913

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