1940 U.S. Federal Census of Burbank, Marion, Florida

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USA > Florida > Marion County > 1940 Census of Burbank

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A Surnames

AlbrittonAlice Cborn about 1934
AlbrittonGlen Mborn about 1887
AlbrittonJack Wborn about 1933
AlbrittonLillie Mborn about 1902
AlbrittonMartha Bborn about 1936
AlbrittonOdessa Mborn about 1938
AlexanderMinnie Lborn about 1919
AllenAlice Mborn about 1913
AllenRussell Eborn about 1908

B Surnames

BrockmannJohn Hborn about 1857
BrooksEdwin born about 1870
BrooksEdwin Fborn about 1923
BrooksFrances Aborn about 1881
BuchananElie Lborn about 1911
BuckminsterDella Aborn about 1876
BuckminsterWalter Cborn about 1868

C Surnames

CampbellClaude Kborn about 1928
CampbellGeorge Kborn about 1882
CampbellMary Iborn about 1891
ClementClinton born about 1869
ClementJessie born about 1875

F Surnames

FrangenLetah Cborn about 1885
FrangenRaphaeleta born about 1915
FrangenWilliam Jborn about 1918

H Surnames

HillOllie Eborn about 1880
HunterEllis Bborn about 1929
HunterEster Mayborn about 1927
HunterFannie Lborn about 1898
HunterJames Bborn about 1892

I Surnames

IngramBeatrice born about 1910
IngramEloise born about 1935

K Surnames

KellerAlbert Sborn about 1936
KellerEthel Nborn about 1900
KellerHelen Mborn about 1935
KellerSidney Lborn about 1892

M Surnames

MacmanusBethenia Lborn about 1898
MacmanusHugh Fborn about 1897
MacmanusVivian Fborn about 1927
MattoxJohn Hborn about 1919
MetzgerAdele born about 1876
MetzgerGeorge Hborn about 1876
MooreFred Hborn about 1871
MooreJenne Cborn about 1871

P Surnames

PerryJohn Hborn about 1899
PerryMarion Eborn about 1911
PettitEarl Dborn about 1923
PettitElwyn Rborn about 1928
PettitHazel Lborn about 1897
PettitIvan Lborn about 1936
PettitLetah Mborn about 1924
PettitOscar Dborn about 1888
PriestJames Hborn about 1928
PriestNadine Iborn about 1925
PriestRaleigh born about 1882
PriestWilma Mborn about 1926

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R Surnames

ReddickEthridge born about 1893
ReddickPearlie born about 1910
ReddickRebia born about 1926

S Surnames

SpragueJohn Cborn about 1866
SpragueLucia Bborn about 1874

T Surnames

ThomasFrank born about 1854

V Surnames

VeckersCora Leeborn about 1879
VeckersRosalee born about 1920
VeckersWilliam Pborn about 1875

W Surnames

WintersMarcus Sborn about 1863
WintersRosetta Aborn about 1880
WiseBenjamin Aborn about 1872
WoodallAdrian Rborn about 1889
WoodallElsie Lborn about 1897
WoodallMargaret Lborn about 1923

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