1940 U.S. Federal Census of Canaveral, Brevard, Florida

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USA > Florida > Brevard County > 1940 Census of Canaveral

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A Surnames

AdamsEmma Eborn about 1869
AlmasWarran born about 1908
ArnoldBarbara Wborn about 1939
ArnoldCalvin Lborn about 1911
ArnoldEdson Fborn about 1909
ArnoldJeanette born about 1915
ArnoldWilliam Bborn about 1914

B Surnames

BlanchardLawrence Kborn about 1899
BranAndrew Dborn about 1899
BranMabel Lborn about 1904
BruenHorace Rborn about 1895
BurnsBessie Mborn about 1883
BurnsEllio H Mborn about 1915
BurnsMetty Fborn about 1915
BurnsRobert Cborn about 1883

C Surnames

CarrowJean Rborn about 1919
ChamberlinLeigh born about 1933
ChemberlinMargaret born about 1893
ChemberlinRoland born about 1897
CrickenCharles born about 1919
CrowerEmma Aborn about 1859
CrowerIva Mborn about 1891
CrowerJohn Iborn about 1891

D Surnames

DavisCatherine born about 1922
DavisMaggie born about 1900
DavisSara Eborn about 1925
DavisWilliam Aborn about 1896
DemrgJoseph Dborn about 1910

E Surnames

EvansDorita Lborn about 1933
EvansGlynn Cborn about 1901
EvansPatricia Lborn about 1931
EvansSally Maeborn about 1913

F Surnames

FranklinMary Aborn about 1869

G Surnames

GoodwinD born about 1894
GoodwinEvangeline born about 1899
GrayFred Vborn about 1916
GrayJean born about 1938
GrayMary born about 1919
GrayVivian born about 1936
GulbrandsenGodberg born about 1914
GulbrandsenMarie Fborn about 1875

H Surnames

HardingGlen Rborn about 1892
HinokenMartha born about 1889
HinokenRobert born about 1882
HolmesBeatrice Lborn about 1910
HolmesHoward Lborn about 1871
HowardBlantom born about 1884

I Surnames

IngebretsenTorghy born about 1903

J Surnames

JandviauCharles Lborn about 1908
JandviauDonna Rborn about 1932
JandviauFlorence Jborn about 1931
JandviauFrederick Lborn about 1934
JandviauRachel Jborn about 1938
JandviauRosa Eborn about 1912
JeffortsBetty Maeborn about 1925
JeffortsFlorence Aborn about 1897
JeffortsJulius Jborn about 1891
JohnsonKate Lborn about 1873
JohnsonNorman born about 1919

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K Surnames

KincaidBerlram Wborn about 1870

L Surnames

LanPaul born about 1906
LansingCharles Aborn about 1870
LansingMable Wborn about 1874
LeinHarry Eborn about 1912
LewisBenjaman born about 1933
LewisLillian Jborn about 1928
LewisLorena Gborn about 1903
LewisWilliam Bborn about 1901
LunsfardLilla Maeborn about 1877
LyonsWalter born about 1895

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M Surnames

MakowskyClara Fborn about 1870
MakowskyWilliam born about 1861
MaskJack born about 1926
MeeChristeen Hborn about 1905
MeeJohn Hborn about 1902
MiltonJoshyn Mborn about 1879
MontogomeryHattie born about 1890
MorganArbie Dborn about 1851
MorganEdith Leeborn about 1924
MorganKatherine Iborn about 1927
MoskRobert Lborn about 1897
MoskVera Tborn about 1899

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N Surnames

NelsonBarbara Aborn about 1935
NelsonLeo J Jrborn about 1925
NelsonReba Sborn about 1905

P Surnames

PettersonCarl Bborn about 1907
PodridchryJoseph born about 1903
PraetoriusAlbert Mborn about 1911

Q Surnames

QuantenmanFlorence born about 1882
QuantenmanOscar Fborn about 1884

S Surnames

SmarplesDora Aborn about 1868
SmithBarbara born about 1932
SmithHanget born about 1907
SmithMarydith Vborn about 1937
SowellJack Lborn about 1918
StewartFern born about 1905
StewartMinor Jborn about 1908

T Surnames

TarrynAline Aborn about 1921
TarrynCharles Aborn about 1892
TarrynCharles Rborn about 1939
TarrynMyrtice Lborn about 1928
TerrynCharlotte Lborn about 1898
TerrynPrudense Aborn about 1864
TombinsonGrace born about 1896
TombinsonNaomi born about 1929
TombinsonWilmer Oborn about 1887
TuckerDaisy Dborn about 1920
TuckerEllen Oborn about 1920
TuckerElma born about 1909
TuckerHelen Wborn about 1914
TuckerKelvin Lborn about 1937
TuckerMelvin Wborn about 1931
TuckerShirley Eborn about 1911
TuckerWilliam Aborn about 1907

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V Surnames

VillFred Mborn about 1890
VillHenry born about 1892
VillRobert born about 1919

W Surnames

WalkerAdalne born about 1920
WalkerMae born about 1916
WalkerRhode Gborn about 1939
WesleyRay Jborn about 1903
WhiddenAllee Aborn about 1899
WhiddenAllee L Jrborn about 1927
WhiddenGarce Lborn about 1910
WhiddenGloria Mborn about 1853
WhiddenJudith Jborn about 1894
WhiddenKenneth Dborn about 1929
WhiddenLena Lborn about 1890
WhiddenTalbert Mborn about 1892
WillisMerle Louiseborn about 1931
WillisThomas Lborn about 1897
WillisThomas L Jrborn about 1929
WilsonAlfred Bborn about 1861
WilsonFrank Mborn about 1866
WilsonHenrietta born about 1887
WttermonVirginia born about 1919
WynnSusie born about 1908

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