1940 U.S. Federal Census of Cassia, Lake, Florida

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USA > Florida > Lake County > 1940 Census of Cassia

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A Surnames

AdamsMalcolm born about 1935
AdamsMattie Leeborn about 1914
AdamsRoy Fborn about 1906

B Surnames

BartlettB Eborn about 1886
BeckAnton born about 1927
BeckEthel born about 1894
BeckMelton born about 1884
BeckMelton born about 1924
BeckOliver Reevickborn about 1920
BolandCarol born about 1938
BolandLucile born about 1920
BolandWilliam Kborn about 1905
BrinsonEvelyn born about 1928
BrinsonGeorgella born about 1930
BrownJames Lborn about 1901
BrownThenie born about 1901
BrownWilladean born about 1928

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C Surnames

CothronClarence born about 1909
CothronClarence Oborn about 1929
CothronJohn Martinborn about 1936
CothronVessie Oborn about 1910
CrossJetter born about 1905
CrossMack born about 1888

D Surnames

DorothyJohn Hborn about 1880
DorothyMinnie Hborn about 1880
DouglasIvey born about 1888
DouglasRichard born about 1920

F Surnames

FutchJeraldine born about 1922
FutchPaul born about 1914

G Surnames

GannerAlva Fborn about 1887
GannerHenry Aborn about 1919
GannerPauline born about 1898
GustafsonGrace born about 1913

H Surnames

HarvinJohn Jborn about 1879
HarvinLouise born about 1922
HarvinMadison born about 1915
HarvinMinnie born about 1877

J Surnames

JacksonBelford born about 1912
JacksonJoane born about 1939
JacksonLonee born about 1917
JacksonWayne born about 1937

K Surnames

KordellJames Fborn about 1873
KordellLillian Mborn about 1902

M Surnames

McDuffieHermon born about 1912
McLartyJohn Malcolmborn about 1889
McLartyMillard born about 1936
McLartySamanth born about 1899

N Surnames

NystromHerman born about 1887

O Surnames

OwensAvery born about 1886

P Surnames

PassmanCora Oborn about 1891
PassmanDavid born about 1928
PerlickHeinrick born about 1904

Q Surnames

QuickEleanor Lborn about 1935
QuickEvelyn Pborn about 1926
QuickRobert Lborn about 1896
QuickWinnie Mborn about 1914

R Surnames

RoachAmos Wborn about 1914
RoachAmos Wborn about 1940
RoachAnnie born about 1874
RoachChester born about 1920
RoachEd born about 1905
RoachJames Hborn about 1867
RoachJohn Mborn about 1911
RoachZettie born about 1921
RosserElla born about 1890
RosserHenry Cborn about 1875
RoyalAnnie Eborn about 1859
RoyalCecil Dborn about 1898
RoyalErnest born about 1892
RoyalErnestine born about 1927
RoyalEugine born about 1929

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S Surnames

SmithAlfred Rborn about 1935
SmithGrover Cborn about 1897
SmithGrover Cborn about 1937
SmithMary Agnesborn about 1928
SmithMittie Mayborn about 1902
SmithPamelia born about 1930
SpearsAlton born about 1909

W Surnames

WarneckeAlbrecht born about 1882

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