1940 U.S. Federal Census of Checuat, Suwannee, Florida

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USA > Florida > Suwannee County > 1940 Census of Checuat

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AlfordDennis born about 1913

B Surnames

BakerAmos born about 1931
BakerMariah born about 1896
BakerSaxau born about 1890
BaltonElizabeth born about 1913
BaltonGerald born about 1930
BaltonHenry born about 1908
BozzellJames born about 1921
BroleletWinston born about 1921
BzantJames born about 1908

C Surnames

ClaytonTheodore born about 1919

F Surnames

FletcherJim born about 1902

G Surnames

GelesNancy born about 1918
GellandAnnie Maeborn about 1928
GellandAnnie* born about 1885
GellandCharlie born about 1882
GellandCrivell born about 1918
GellandEarnestine born about 1920
GellandFlossie born about 1922
GellandGenevia born about 1924
GellandLuther born about 1916
GreenOtis born about 1921
GriffieAlfonza born about 1939
GriffieCud* Rileyborn about 1931
GriffieEllen born about 1936
GriffieK Pborn about 1933
GriffieRiley born about 1897
GriffieRochell born about 1900
GrimmageCarrie born about 1920
GrimmageJames born about 1915
GurleyLester born about 1916

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H Surnames

HoustonSolomon born about 1903

J Surnames

JohnsonKatherine born about 1880
JohnsonLouisana born about 1869
JohnsonThos Wborn about 1871
JonesJesse born about 1922

K Surnames

KirklandJames born about 1903

L Surnames

LeeAvant born about 1913

M Surnames

McCullerNathan born about 1920
McIntoshJesse born about 1916

N Surnames

NoblesW Fborn about 1878

P Surnames

PittsWalter born about 1907
PlattAlonza born about 1889
PlattRuth born about 1914
PlattShellie born about 1889

R Surnames

RiedAlbert born about 1912
RileyDaniel born about 1900
RileyWillie born about 1900
RogersBauda Bborn about 1919
RogersGeorge Wborn about 1883
RogersHazel Tborn about 1918
RogersLawrence Hborn about 1912
RogersNavella Pborn about 1883
RossJennie Wborn about 1938
RossNell born about 1919
RossOscar Tborn about 1914

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S Surnames

SausberryCarl Sborn about 1898
SausberryMargurette born about 1902
ScottRoger Wborn about 1927
SmithartEdgar born about 1910

T Surnames

TateEdgar born about 1908
ThomasAnnie Bborn about 1910
ThomasArchie born about 1878
ThomasL Eborn about 1920
ThomasMartha born about 1890
ThomasTa Bithaborn about 1922
ThompkinBisby born about 1935
ThompkinRosa Cborn about 1918
ThompkinRufus born about 1915

W Surnames

WadeAlberta born about 1908
WilcoxLewis born about 1894
WilliamTheodra born about 1898
WrightJesse born about 1921

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