1940 U.S. Federal Census of Chuluota, Seminole, Florida

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USA > Florida > Seminole County > 1940 Census of Chuluota

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B Surnames

BestAlfred born about 1928
BestEunice born about 1926
BestMamie born about 1904
BestMatthew born about 1894
BestViolet born about 1930
BrownLeonard Hborn about 1901

C Surnames

CarterIda born about 1914
CarterVonnie Lborn about 1932
ChalkerMyrtle Mborn about 1904
ChalkerSewell Hborn about 1901
ChalkerVerlie Mborn about 1924
CromwellCoral Mborn about 1880

D Surnames

DavisAline born about 1924
DavisEthel born about 1922
DavisGeorge Wborn about 1889
DavisJames born about 1923
DavisJoel Cborn about 1919
DavisLena born about 1901
DeanHenry born about 1889

F Surnames

FalanaMary Lborn about 1892
ForeDonald Rborn about 1939
ForeEvelyn Aborn about 1910
ForeNolan born about 1906
ForeNorman Mborn about 1935
FribbleEstelle Bborn about 1875
FutchAnnie Lborn about 1911
FutchLee Hborn about 1904

G Surnames

GoreJohn Bborn about 1883
GoreJohn Dborn about 1916
GoreJohn D Jrborn about 1936
GoreLigie Kborn about 1924
GoreMinnie Mborn about 1919
GoreRaymond Bborn about 1927

H Surnames

HartAlice Cborn about 1876
HartElon Eborn about 1911
HartJohn Pborn about 1906
HartMary Bborn about 1927
HicksonDavid Cborn about 1892
HicksonDavid Cborn about 1930
HicksonElsie born about 1901
HicksonJoe Tborn about 1891
HicksonJoe T Jrborn about 1929
HicksonMary born about 1926
HicksonNapoleon Bborn about 1937
HicksonNolley born about 1920
HicksonSarah Iborn about 1898
HigginsWilliam Iborn about 1880

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J Surnames

JacobsHattie Mborn about 1875
JacobsNoah Cborn about 1871
JacobsSarah Mborn about 1872
JacobsWilliam Wborn about 1880
JonesAndrew born about 1908
JonesCora Lborn about 1932
JonesJohnnie Mborn about 1912

K Surnames

KettlesAnnie Leeborn about 1935
KettlesGladys born about 1921
KettlesJohn Bborn about 1904
KettlesShirley born about 1938

L Surnames

LaneCharles Gborn about 1895
LaneClyde Gborn about 1923
LaneLeroy born about 1915
LaneLucille born about 1927
LaneMildred born about 1929
LaneMinnie Lborn about 1897
LaneNellie born about 1900
LaneRobert Lborn about 1925
LaneThomas Jborn about 1881
LeslieH Lborn about 1936
LongElizabeth Lborn about 1900
LongEstelle Jborn about 1925
LongEva Eborn about 1894
LongHenry Lborn about 1927
LongHerman Eborn about 1925
LongMatthew Lborn about 1879
LongSamuel Fborn about 1892

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M Surnames

McClellandMargie Fborn about 1928
McClellandMorgan Rborn about 1905
McClellandViola Cborn about 1890
McCulloughMartha born about 1908
McCulloughRudolph Fborn about 1913
McNabRuby Iborn about 1895
McNabWyatt Lborn about 1890

R Surnames

RobinsonRoxie born about 1885
RobinsonWill Hborn about 1883

S Surnames

SampsonLeola born about 1901
SimmonsArchie Gborn about 1919
SimmonsBertha Jborn about 1939
SimmonsDorothy born about 1939
SimmonsLavonda born about 1917
SimmonsLeon Jborn about 1890
SimmonsLizzia Aborn about 1928
SimmonsMargaret born about 1925
SimmonsMary Cborn about 1890
SimmonsOrmond born about 1917
SimmonsSadie born about 1908
SolesMargaret Nborn about 1880
SolesRosa Lborn about 1915
SolesWilla Gborn about 1916
SolomonEssie born about 1892
StoryBlanche born about 1898
StoryHerman Eborn about 1926
StoryJames Fborn about 1891
StoryJames F Jrborn about 1922

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T Surnames

TeagueKatherine Rborn about 1910
TeagueWalter Aborn about 1910
TindallAlberta Bborn about 1928
TindallDealon born about 1936
TindallEvelyn Bborn about 1926
TindallJanett Kborn about 1928
TindallJoe Hborn about 1926
TindallNelroe born about 1925
TindallRay born about 1900
ToftleyAnna born about 1897
ToftleyEdwin born about 1888
ToftleyVirginia born about 1921

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W Surnames

WagnerAnthony Gborn about 1887
WagnerFloyd Eborn about 1920
WagnerLettie Kborn about 1888
WhiteheadBelle born about 1883
WhiteheadDan born about 1873
WigginsMartha Mborn about 1872
WolframEdgar born about 1920

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