1940 U.S. Federal Census of Croom, Hernando, Florida

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USA > Florida > Hernando County > 1940 Census of Croom

A Surnames B Surnames E Surnames G Surnames H Surnames L Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AlleyJane born about 1868

B Surnames

BeanWilliam Aborn about 1873
BlackArthur born about 1911
BlackFannie born about 1884
BlackNoah born about 1867
BlackOmri born about 1914
BlueLillie born about 1875
BlueThornton born about 1872

E Surnames

EdwardsBetty Jeanborn about 1929
EdwardsJesse Nborn about 1894
EdwardsLouis born about 1912
EdwardsLouis Wayneborn about 1938
EdwardsShirley Annborn about 1936
EdwardsWarn Paulborn about 1939

G Surnames

GreenAaron born about 1886
GreenWilbur born about 1928
GriswoldJoseph Nborn about 1861
GriswoldMaude born about 1911
GriswoldRachael born about 1889

H Surnames

HancockMary born about 1861

L Surnames

LestonBedie born about 1899
LestonMary Elizabethborn about 1924
LestonRulie Wborn about 1898
LestonRulie W Jrborn about 1929
LintonArrnie born about 1912
LintonCharles born about 1917
LintonMary born about 1877

M Surnames

McEachernLeigh Gborn about 1893
McEachernMyrtle Lborn about 1895
McKeownHattie Bborn about 1889
McKeownVirginia born about 1924
MebinNoah born about 1883
MooreFrank born about 1920

P Surnames

PostellCharlie born about 1873
PostellNona born about 1885

R Surnames

RevelsJohn Iborn about 1893

S Surnames

SanchezFrank Vborn about 1881
ShawEdward Wborn about 1936
ShawLelman born about 1932
ShawMarion born about 1891
ShawMary Fborn about 1929
ShawMinnie Fborn about 1939
ShawStella born about 1910
SimmonDisey born about 1881
SmithBenjamin Fborn about 1937
SmithDollie born about 1895
SmithElouise born about 1934
SmithHarmon Lborn about 1904
SmithJohn Frankborn about 1899
SmithJohn Lborn about 1933
SmithLula born about 1912
SmithVera Maeborn about 1939
StephenAlfonzo born about 1915

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W Surnames

WhiteBetsy born about 1867

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