1940 U.S. Federal Census of Dixonvill, Santa Rosa, Florida

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USA > Florida > Santa Rosa County > 1940 Census of Dixonvill

G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames Y Surnames

G Surnames

GoldenCharles Franklinborn about 1927
GoldenCharley Leeborn about 1901
GoldenElizabeth Francisborn about 1882
GoldenEthel Dennieborn about 1901
GoldenLee Braxtonborn about 1922
GoldenLee Rushborn about 1880
GoldenLizzie Kateborn about 1919
GoldenMary Ethelborn about 1925
GoldenMary Leeborn about 1916
GoldenMinnie Francisborn about 1924
GoldenNellie Graceborn about 1930
GoldenPaul Samuelborn about 1926
GoldenVirginia Lucileborn about 1936

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H Surnames

HendersonAlleen born about 1918
HendersonDavid Rborn about 1887
HendersonEula Fayborn about 1920
HendersonMyrtice born about 1892
HendersonRandal Bborn about 1914
HendersonRichard Davidborn about 1936
HiggansDonford born about 1918

J Surnames

JonesCarlie born about 1904
JonesClifford born about 1935
JonesJohnie Edwardborn about 1930
JonesKatie Berniceborn about 1932
JonesMorrin Travisborn about 1905
JonesMyrtie Maeborn about 1926

M Surnames

McCarleyAlbert born about 1922

O Surnames

OdomWilliam Oliverborn about 1925

P Surnames

PyeSusie born about 1869

R Surnames

RobinsonRollie born about 1928

S Surnames

StricklandLeon born about 1920
StricklandRuby born about 1921

W Surnames

WhitfieldJohnnie born about 1918
WhitfieldMamie Louborn about 1921
WilliamsonCharlie Leeborn about 1912
WilliamsonHelen Janetteborn about 1939
WilliamsonIrene born about 1909

Y Surnames

YarbroughLewis born about 1913
YarbroughLouise born about 1918
YarbroughPatricia born about 1939

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