1940 U.S. Federal Census of Dukes, Union, Florida

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USA > Florida > Union County > 1940 Census of Dukes

D Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames P Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

D Surnames

DukesAlva Iborn about 1908
DukesCarl Jborn about 1914
DukesCarrie born about 1889
DukesNeil Mborn about 1919
DukesNellie Eborn about 1920
DukesSebron Mborn about 1881

H Surnames

HarrisAcie born about 1902
HarrisAlberta born about 1914
HobbsJulia Iborn about 1892
HobbsJulia Mborn about 1933
HobbsLillie Fborn about 1931
HobbsSamuel Aborn about 1923
HobbsWilliam Oborn about 1880
HobbsWilliam O Jrborn about 1927

J Surnames

JordonJohn born about 1875
JordonMary born about 1874

L Surnames

LeeAlberta born about 1907
LeeIsaac born about 1884
LeeVirgie born about 1929

P Surnames

ParrishEtta Lborn about 1917
ParrishLeon Sborn about 1915
ParrishSteve Aborn about 1940
ParrishSteve Lborn about 1915

S Surnames

ScruggCalvin Willieborn about 1886
ScruggFreddie born about 1931
ScruggNapoleon born about 1930
ScruggSalomie born about 1909
ScruggWilmon Dborn about 1934
SimmonsIke born about 1901
SmithBill born about 1919
SmithJohnie born about 1922
SmithMinnie born about 1891
SmithWillis born about 1930

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W Surnames

WalkerAbel born about 1918
WalkerCone born about 1918
WalkerDonald born about 1889
WalkerElsie born about 1928
WalkerHazel born about 1934
WalkerMildred born about 1930
WeldonMillie born about 1865

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