1940 U.S. Federal Census of Eaglebay, Okeechobee, Florida

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USA > Florida > Okeechobee County > 1940 Census of Eaglebay

B Surnames C Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames P Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BassElwyn born about 1932
BassGlenn Jborn about 1936
BassJames Cborn about 1931
BassOscar born about 1899
BassZona born about 1910

C Surnames

ChandlerDella born about 1916
ChandlerMarvin Hborn about 1898
ChandlerPatricia Berylborn about 1940
ClemonsTheo born about 1922

H Surnames

HaddenRosa Leeborn about 1916
HaddenWill Hborn about 1892
HancockClyde Cborn about 1890
HancockFrances born about 1895
HancockJacquelyne born about 1927
HancockJames Hborn about 1921
HancockLaura Ruthborn about 1924
HuttoJames Tborn about 1867

J Surnames

JerrelBenjamin Rborn about 1880
JerrelLellie born about 1888

K Surnames

KennedyHelen born about 1881

L Surnames

LeitnerBenjamin Fborn about 1912
LeitnerBetty Eborn about 1908
LeitnerGrace Leeborn about 1937
LeitnerPatsy Leeborn about 1939
LeitnerShirley born about 1935
LightseyBerta born about 1913
LightseyClarence born about 1910
LightseyJanice born about 1933
LightseyLeland born about 1939
LightseyMelita born about 1936

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P Surnames

ParkerRichard born about 1870
PaulGussie Aborn about 1886
PaulJames Allenborn about 1864
PriceJim born about 1890
PriceLizzie born about 1900

S Surnames

SandersStonewall Jborn about 1864
ScottAudrey born about 1921
ScottCora born about 1880
ScottJames M Jrborn about 1876
ScottJames Wborn about 1918
ScottMargaret born about 1938
SingletaryGordon Eborn about 1896

W Surnames

WallClarence Tynerborn about 1903
WallEgatha born about 1936
WallFreda born about 1911
WallHayward born about 1934
WallHolman born about 1930
WallWillie Pearleborn about 1939
WinbushElijah born about 1924
WinbushEva born about 1904
WinbushWillie born about 1901

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