1940 U.S. Federal Census of Ehren in Santa Rosa County, Santa Rosa, Florida

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USA > Florida > Santa Rosa County > 1940 Census of Ehren in Santa Rosa County

A Surnames F Surnames H Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames S Surnames Y Surnames

A Surnames

AdamsJames Eborn about 1938
AdamsJohn Hborn about 1936
AdamsJohnnie born about 1910
AdamsLillian born about 1919

F Surnames

FrowickEugene born about 1923
FrowickFlorence born about 1898
FrowickFrances born about 1925
FrowickJames born about 1927
FrowickJewel born about 1900
FrowickKathleen born about 1929
FrowickSam born about 1935

H Surnames

HarrelsonBosiae born about 1921
HarrelsonJosephine born about 1904
HarrelsonLilly Bborn about 1925
HarrelsonOtto born about 1923
HarrelsonTonnie Mborn about 1930

M Surnames

MitchellColunber* born about 1887
MitchellJeane born about 1924
MitchellJosephine born about 1862
MitchellLydia born about 1900
MitchellMarjorie Jborn about 1934
MitchellMaude born about 1924
MitchellMedford born about 1931
MitchellMildrid born about 1928
MitchellWilliam Hborn about 1888
MitchellWillie born about 1899

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N Surnames

NowlingFlorida born about 1874
NowlingPeter born about 1870

P Surnames

PaceClora born about 1911
PaceFrank born about 1930
PaceJames born about 1928
PaceUtah born about 1905

S Surnames

SingletaryAlfred born about 1909
SingletaryClyde born about 1933
SingletaryEarl born about 1937
SingletaryLouise born about 1914
SingletaryMary Lborn about 1939
SingletaryR Mborn about 1930
SingletaryTharman Jr born about 1878

Y Surnames

YoungPerry Lborn about 1882

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