1940 U.S. Federal Census of Forkscreek in Saint Lucie County, Saint Lucie, Florida

Census index courtesy of RootsPoint.com

USA > Florida > Saint Lucie County > 1940 Census of Forkscreek in Saint Lucie County

C Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames P Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

C Surnames

ClemenziDorothy born about 1922
ClemenziRobert born about 1924

H Surnames

HoofnagleEffie Mborn about 1889
HoofnagleG Eugeneborn about 1888

J Surnames

JohnsonAnnie born about 1902
JohnsonDorothy Lborn about 1922
JohnsonFloyd born about 1893
JohnsonJames Sborn about 1940
JohnsonJames Wborn about 1926
JohnsonMargaret Lborn about 1921
JohnsonMargaret Sborn about 1921
JohnsonMildred Cborn about 1928
JohnsonSherwood Lborn about 1919

L Surnames

LanierAndrey born about 1936
LanierErnest Aborn about 1914
LanierMabel born about 1938
LanierOrdway born about 1939
LanierVerona born about 1906
LinsonIda born about 1925
LinsonJohn Lborn about 1928

M Surnames

MillerIdella born about 1913
MillerJohnson Lborn about 1912
MillerJohnson Wborn about 1924

P Surnames

PharrCharles Eborn about 1875
PharrCharles Mborn about 1917
PharrIla Mborn about 1891
PharrMerle born about 1912

S Surnames

ScottAlexander Mborn about 1859
ScottClyde Mborn about 1901
ScottFannie Eborn about 1868

V Surnames

VansichlerCourtlandt born about 1880
VansichlerMay Fborn about 1889

W Surnames

WhisnerBertran Mborn about 1864
WilliamsHenry Wborn about 1913
WilliamsLizzie born about 1934
WilliamsPicola born about 1917
WilliamsRolph born about 1938
WilliamsVictoria born about 1939

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