1940 U.S. Federal Census of Goodno, Glades, Florida

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USA > Florida > Glades County > 1940 Census of Goodno

C Surnames D Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames Y Surnames

C Surnames

CasonG Rborn about 1881
CasonMaud Eborn about 1891

D Surnames

DavidsonEarl born about 1927
DavidsonEunice born about 1906
DavidsonGrady born about 1903

G Surnames

GaryWillie born about 1901
GaryWillie Pearlborn about 1915

H Surnames

HunterJames Jr born about 1936

J Surnames

JohnsonBlanche born about 1899
JohnsonHarry born about 1927
JohnsonHoward born about 1891
JohnsonHoward born about 1921
JohnsonWillie Annborn about 1924
JonesEmma born about 1912
JonesJohnny born about 1904

K Surnames

KelsonVirge born about 1869
KnightMonroe born about 1898

M Surnames

MaxwellAndrew born about 1895
McDanielAvie born about 1927
McDanielDalton born about 1933
McDanielHarvy born about 1928
McDanielLavonia born about 1924
McDanielLevi born about 1915
McDanielLoretta born about 1939
McDanielM Lborn about 1895
McDanielMelitha born about 1932
McDanielTifton born about 1935
McDanielToliber born about 1922

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N Surnames

NicklesonLouis born about 1864

P Surnames

PodeDoris born about 1929
PodeE Aborn about 1902
PodeElwood born about 1931
PodeJerome born about 1926
PodeMyrtle born about 1903

S Surnames

ScottBerry born about 1867
ScottSamantha born about 1889

T Surnames

ThompsonJoe Lborn about 1902

W Surnames

WilliamsLois Annborn about 1939

Y Surnames

YoungJoseph born about 1910
YoungLetha born about 1909

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