1940 U.S. Federal Census of Gulf Stream, Palm Beach, Florida

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USA > Florida > Palm Beach County > 1940 Census of Gulf Stream

B Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BaugardenLouise born about 1905
BaverDorotha born about 1908
BaverWilliam Jborn about 1902

E Surnames

EdwardsHarry Fborn about 1907
EdwardsJohn Rborn about 1869
EdwardsMary Lborn about 1907
EdwardsMay Fborn about 1880
EdwardsRandolf born about 1938

F Surnames

FellMildred born about 1904

G Surnames

GudemanEsther Mborn about 1892

H Surnames

HarretEmmy born about 1896
HollidayThelma Lborn about 1921
HolstRita born about 1920

J Surnames

JennineLydia born about 1912
JonesHarriet born about 1901
JonesM Hborn about 1901

K Surnames

KaufmanLouise born about 1898
KerrGraham born about 1870
KerrJosephine born about 1876

L Surnames

LockhartCatherine Hborn about 1909
LockhartCharles born about 1907
LockhartCharles Iii born about 1937
LockhartFlorence born about 1934
LockhartPaul born about 1939

M Surnames

MeeksGenva born about 1901

O Surnames

ObolenskyAlexis born about 1915
ObolenskyAnne born about 1940
ObolenskyJane Iborn about 1915

P Surnames

PopeBebrida Jborn about 1937
PopeHenry Vborn about 1909
PopeRebecca Bborn about 1908
PopeTobias Bborn about 1940

R Surnames

RosenElsa born about 1893

S Surnames

SchonbeinSophie born about 1902
SlaneCecil Pborn about 1890
SlaneFrances Pborn about 1893
SlaneHenry Pborn about 1921
SmithCaroline Mborn about 1897
SmithClyde Rborn about 1899
SmithFrank born about 1902
SoulesElizabeth Cborn about 1884
SoulesEugene Eborn about 1890
StaruszkiewiczStella born about 1903
SwetzHelen born about 1919

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V Surnames

VaelpelServantz born about 1890

W Surnames

WaincottNellie Lborn about 1908
WebbGertrude born about 1890
WebbGertrude born about 1925
WebbW Sborn about 1888
WebbWilliam Jborn about 1931
WeberBarbara born about 1903
WebsterEthel born about 1890
WebsterHarold Tborn about 1885

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