1940 U.S. Federal Census of Highland Park, Polk, Florida

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USA > Florida > Polk County > 1940 Census of Highland Park

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B Surnames

BallBessie Dborn about 1878
BallHebert Eborn about 1873
BlakelyDavid Jborn about 1939
BlakelyFanny born about 1903
BlakelyJoseph born about 1893
BlakelyMildred born about 1922
BreesAnton born about 1898
BreesAnton Dborn about 1937
BreesDavid Dukeborn about 1938
BreesJosephine born about 1917
BreesJosephine born about 1939

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C Surnames

ChaseC Lborn about 1874
ChaseLeona Pborn about 1867
CuttleJohn Aborn about 1900
CuttleJosephine born about 1897

D Surnames

DoplerM Cborn about 1890
DoplerNettie born about 1892

F Surnames

FallCatherine born about 1911
FallMcdonald born about 1911
FitzzeraldM Sborn about 1880
FitzzeraldMary Pageborn about 1910
FlambeauC Eborn about 1883
FlambeauFlorence born about 1890

G Surnames

GeorgeH Wborn about 1856
GumCatherine born about 1877
GumL Pborn about 1875
GumMartha born about 1901
GumMary Catherineborn about 1930
GumW Bufordborn about 1900

H Surnames

HagstromLeonard born about 1890
HuldDorothy born about 1908
HuldGeorge born about 1911

J Surnames

JacksonCatherine born about 1925
JacksonLawrie born about 1922
JacksonSallie Joeborn about 1921
JoinerGeorge born about 1927
JoinerHenry born about 1930
JoinerPario born about 1905
JonesSarah born about 1916

M Surnames

McRaeEd born about 1882
McRaeEllen born about 1891
MurphyEdith Greyborn about 1890
MurphyWm Tborn about 1870
MyersMrs C Oborn about 1874

O Surnames

OliverGeorge Wborn about 1870
OliverInez Pborn about 1882

R Surnames

RobertsBen born about 1898
RobertsErnest born about 1921
RobertsFrank born about 1886
RobertsGentle Leeborn about 1926
RobertsJanie born about 1921
RobertsJoe born about 1898
RobertsJoe born about 1921
RobertsMary born about 1898
RobertsQueen Rborn about 1905
RobertsSottie born about 1891
RodneyIny Cborn about 1904

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S Surnames

SmithEthel Aborn about 1879
SmithJane born about 1892
SmithMargaret born about 1908
SmithW Jborn about 1875
SullivanLe born about 1857

T Surnames

TakallaGenevieve born about 1893
TakallaMath born about 1879
ThompsonRussell Jborn about 1896

W Surnames

WilsonCharles born about 1905
WilsonCharley Mayborn about 1937
WilsonDorothy born about 1908
WilsonEdwina born about 1935
WlsonEdward Cborn about 1871
WlsonElizabeth born about 1870

Y Surnames

YarnellJane born about
YarnellMary Ellenborn about 1921
YarnellMrs I Aborn about 1885
YawgerCaroline born about 1876

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