1940 U.S. Federal Census of Kelsey in Marion County, Marion, Florida

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USA > Florida > Marion County > 1940 Census of Kelsey in Marion County

B Surnames E Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BellLouise born about 1914
BellWilliam born about 1895
BiddingAlafel born about 1890
BrounJane born about 1888

E Surnames

EmanuelFae born about 1911
EmanuelGeorge Oborn about 1937
EmanuelPhyllis Mborn about 1933
EmanuelWilliam Rborn about 1908
EmanuelWilliam R Jrborn about 1930

G Surnames

GrantRebecca born about 1915
GrantUlyses Sborn about 1914
GuthrieLouise born about 1868

H Surnames

HonorBettie Jeanborn about 1939
HonorGeneva born about 1931
HonorMary Roseborn about 1910
HonorMay Francesborn about 1938
HonorSamuel born about 1906
HonorWilliam born about 1924

J Surnames

JohnsonIsaac born about 1896
JohnsonVallious born about 1912

L Surnames

LylesBerta born about 1898
LylesE Allenborn about 1920
LylesEdwin Fborn about 1885
LylesJohn Fborn about 1921
LylesLouis born about 1923
LylesMarguerite born about 1928
LylesMarion born about 1927
LylesRuth Marieborn about 1934

M Surnames

MaysWesley born about 1924
MontgomeryThomas born about 1866

P Surnames

PinoTheola born about 1914
PinoWilliam born about 1914

R Surnames

ReedFlora Maeborn about 1926
RoyalJ Eborn about 1885

W Surnames

WashingtonCharles born about 1936
WashingtonLeroy born about 1935
WashingtonQueen born about 1918
WashingtonRoy born about 1909
WeaverCharlotte born about 1865
WhiteheadSally born about 1870

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