1940 U.S. Federal Census of McMullen, Taylor, Florida

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USA > Florida > Taylor County > 1940 Census of McMullen

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames G Surnames H Surnames M Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BlackburnFrank Jborn about 1898

C Surnames

CarltonClara born about 1908
CarltonJoseph Pborn about 1893
CarltonSamuel Pborn about 1935
CarltonShelby Vborn about 1939
CarltonSusie born about 1921
CarltonThomas Fborn about 1925
CarltonWillie Maeborn about 1923
CarmonFanne born about 1915
CarmonJessie born about 1900

D Surnames

DomanE Calvinborn about 1910
DomanEddie born about 1938
DomanEli born about 1882
DomanEulee born about 1914
DomanGarey born about 1933
DomanMary Lborn about 1917
DormanBenjamin born about 1919
DormanCharles Hborn about 1931
DormanCorine born about 1889
DormanEmma born about 1907
DormanImer born about 1938
DormanJohn born about 1905
DormanLoys born about 1924
DormanRola Lborn about 1882
DormanThelma born about 1927
DormanWilliam Rborn about 1888

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G Surnames

GreenBertie born about 1897
GreenCoy born about 1914
GreenElla Mayborn about 1932
GreenJ Fborn about 1928
GreenJ Rborn about 1922
GreenLois born about 1915
GreenW Dborn about 1938

H Surnames

HockadyAnette born about 1939
HockadyCarey born about 1905
HockadyChristons born about 1929
HockadyCleman born about 1932
HockadyHinton born about 1927
HockadyIrma Rborn about 1934
HockadyJohn born about 1895
HockadyJuanita born about 1936
HockadyRosetta born about 1913

M Surnames

McEntireClara Eborn about 1887
McEntireLouise born about 1922
McEntireLuvina born about 1920
McEntireOscar Eborn about 1882
MerritMack born about 1895

O Surnames

OliverCorn?? born about 1909

P Surnames

PadgettBeatrice born about 1930
PetersonJule Jborn about 1888
PetersonMollie born about 1890
PettisDon born about 1909
PettisHenry born about 1905
PettisMollie born about 1915

R Surnames

RogersAnnie Mborn about 1936
RogersArthur Lborn about 1897
RogersCharlie born about 1932
RogersGrace Lborn about 1910
RogersMary Lborn about 1934

S Surnames

SadlerBertha Mborn about 1915
SadlerMarjorie born about 1939
SadlerOllie Cborn about 1905
SadlerRachael Gborn about 1936
StephensBarbara Jborn about 1935
StephensCary born about 1907
StephensF Odellborn about 1914
StephensFred born about 1929
StephensGeneva born about 1937
StephensGenevieve born about 1939
StephensInez born about 1908
StephensJames Tborn about 1937
StephensLamar born about 1927
StephensRufus born about 1935
StephensShellie Wborn about 1917
StephensThos born about 1933
StstrwekCarl born about 1927
StstrwekMyrtice born about 1929

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W Surnames

WardHenry born about 1879
WindhamFrances born about 1876
WindhamJohn Eborn about 1880

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