1940 U.S. Federal Census of Munson, Santa Rosa, Florida

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USA > Florida > Santa Rosa County > 1940 Census of Munson

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A Surnames

AtkinsAnnie Louiseborn about 1935
AtkinsHattie born about 1913
AtkinsHilary born about 1911
AtkinsMildred born about 1940

B Surnames

BoyettAddie born about 1882
BoyettCharlie Jborn about 1915
BoyettFlora born about 1907
BoyettJohn Pborn about 1920
BoyettMadeline born about 1912
BoyettManuel Dborn about 1911
BoyettWiley Jr born about 1917
BrakeF Cborn about 1924
BrakeJ Cborn about 1930
BrakeJake born about 1922
BrakeL Jborn about 1915
BrakeLeona born about 1914
BrakeMary born about 1861
BrakeMary born about 1890
BrakeW Versionborn about 1892
BurkettClarence Jborn about 1911
BurkettTiny Ellenborn about 1917

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C Surnames

CollinsPerry born about 1888
CooleyEther born about 1883
CooleyJ Dborn about 1925
CooleyJohn Jborn about 1882

D Surnames

DouglasD Luthurborn about 1874

F Surnames

FosterCharles born about 1876
FosterMattie born about 1888

G Surnames

GunterArlie born about 1925
GunterDora born about 1899
GunterEva Leeborn about 1927
GunterFloy born about 1921
GunterGeorge Wborn about 1878
GunterIda Maeborn about 1918

H Surnames

HardyDewey born about 1903
HardyDodson born about 1928
HardyDori Jeanborn about 1937
HardyEvelyn born about 1934
HardyGladys born about 1908
HardyThomas born about 1931

J Surnames

JohnsonCleo born about 1935
JohnsonJohn born about 1856
JohnsonJohnny born about 1907
JohnsonNancy born about 1870

K Surnames

KellyBertram born about 1909
KellyCharlie Bborn about 1912
KellyElla born about 1881
KellyEloise born about 1922
KellyEunice born about 1917
KellyJohn Wborn about 1873
KellyLyndall born about 1940
KellyOliver born about 1921
KentLuna Fayborn about 1920
KentMary Lueborn about 1939
KentRichard Lborn about 1938
KentSherman born about 1917

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L Surnames

LordonDaniel born about 1914
LordonSellers born about 1896
LundyBernice born about 1911
LundyCatherine born about 1930
LundyLavada born about 1932
LundyThomas born about 1934

M Surnames

MartinElla born about 1882
MartinJulian Cborn about 1918
MartinRosie born about 1918
MartinWilliam Aborn about 1872

P Surnames

PittmanAnnie born about 1907
PittmanFadiel born about 1929
PittmanRobert born about 1901
PittmanVoncil born about 1927

S Surnames

SmithElizabeth born about 1890
SmithRoger Glenborn about 1929
SmithWanda born about 1921

W Surnames

WeekleyAllen No 1born about 1919
WeekleyCarolyn born about
WeekleyWillie Maeborn about 1920
WigginsEdwina born about 1920
WigginsJames Edwardborn about 1939

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