1940 U.S. Federal Census of Naval Station, Monroe, Florida

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USA > Florida > Monroe County > 1940 Census of Naval Station

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A Surnames

AlarieRaymond Bborn about 1922

B Surnames

BakerNeil born about 1920
BillCurtis Lborn about 1914
BlackwellRichard Bborn about 1894
BommerCharles Sborn about 1913
BradyJohn Tborn about 1924
BradyMary Lborn about 1912
BradyThomas Jborn about 1885
BurrElsie born about 1915
BurrRobert Wborn about 1915
ByrusAugusta Sborn about 1887
ByrusConstance Lborn about 1926
ByrusRoy Wborn about 1885

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C Surnames

CaddinWalter Jborn about 1909
CallahanFast Hborn about 1900
CallahanLucile Gborn about 1904
CannonBoyd Mborn about 1921
ClarkeVirginia born about 1915
ConnerTroy born about 1918
ConserCharles Sborn about 1913
CookAaron Sborn about 1908
CoxJames Bborn about 1914

D Surnames

DavisVernon born about 1916

F Surnames

FitzpatrickPatrick J Jrborn about 1917

G Surnames

GlinesRaukin Sborn about 1910
Goffe born about 1919
GriderDonald Sborn about 1935
GriderJanetta Mborn about 1910
GriderOtto Rborn about 1908
GroomsHarvey Jborn about 1916

H Surnames

HastThomas Mborn about 1905
HawkinsWilbert Fborn about 1905
HickmanEdward born about 1940
HolzerJohn Fborn about 1899
HudsonEdwin Aborn about 1917

J Surnames

JacobsAnnie Bborn about 1922
JacobsNicholas born about 1925
JacobsWalter Fborn about 1883
JacobsWalter F Jrborn about 1918
JacobsWinifred Hborn about 1915
JacobsWinnie Dborn about 1890
JonesHerbert Lborn about 1904

K Surnames

KnowltonCharles W Joborn about 1920

L Surnames

LennonCharles A Jrborn about 1922
LivingstonGeorge born about 1891
LivingstonLeland Aborn about 1904
LivingstonLillian Cborn about 1891

M Surnames

ManvokianLe Roy Lborn about 1922
MarkhamStanley Fborn about 1919
MasmusserVicent Mborn about 1921
McCarleyJohn Wborn about 1907
McCluryJames Tborn about 1902
MillmayKenneth Bborn about 1921
MulbaneyChristopher born about 1935
MulbaneyMary Jborn about 1913
MuthJohn Rborn about 1921

P Surnames

PhillipsDavid born about 1900
PriceEllen Bborn about 1912
PriceHoward C Jrborn about 1915
PriceJosephine Eborn about 1938

R Surnames

RogersCarroll Sborn about 1915
RuseElket Rborn about 1914

S Surnames

SchoenbachlerFrank born about 1891
ShellerLawrence Eborn about 1913
SmithCharles Hborn about 1898
SolenbargerJessie Fborn about 1920
SolomanWinston Oborn about 1919
SpokaGeorge Jborn about 1922
SriverHarold Hborn about 1889

T Surnames

TodakAlfred Jborn about 1918

W Surnames

WallJoseph Hborn about 1917
WaltonJohnie born about 1901
WatsonEdward Jborn about 1919
WaysackJames Oborn about 1921
WilsonHarvey Rborn about 1920
WrightClare Bborn about 1913
WyattWatson Eborn about 1920

Y Surnames

YelochanJoseph Jr born about 1913
YocumClarence Sborn about 1918

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