1940 U.S. Federal Census of North Baker in Sarasota County, Sarasota, Florida

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USA > Florida > Sarasota County > 1940 Census of North Baker in Sarasota County

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames K Surnames M Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames

B Surnames

BenefieldHannah born about 1872
BenefieldJ Bborn about 1868
BenefieldNorah born about 1901
BlountEdna born about 1909
BlountMrs P Jborn about 1871

C Surnames

ClarkEdith born about 1919
ClarkJohn Rborn about 1916
ClarkMrs Olive born about 1885
ConstableC born about 1890
ConstableMinnie born about 1895
CresswellMrs Maude born about 1883

D Surnames

DyeE Dborn about 1860
DyeMrs E Dborn about 1876

F Surnames

FloserF Jborn about 1872
FloserViola born about 1879

G Surnames

GilmerDorothy born about 1934
GilmerE Fborn about 1892
GilmerGlenn born about 1918
GilmerGloria born about 1929
GilmerJane born about 1921
GilmerLula born about 1869
GilmerOra born about 1895
GosnellArdes born about 1919
GosnellG Kborn about 1887
GosnellStella born about 1897

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H Surnames

HerrengArizona born about 1913
HerrengCecil born about 1932
HerrengDonald born about 1936
HerrengPauline born about 1934
HerrengS Cborn about 1908
HerringBernice born about 1935
HerringBurnis born about 1926
HerringC Tborn about 1914
HerringD Fborn about 1886
HerringEdra born about 1916
HerringGerald born about 1937
HerringTravis born about 1939
HorakJohn born about 1901

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K Surnames

KearElizabeth Dborn about 1882
KearJohn Cborn about 1880
KleinA Iborn about 1882
KleinAnna born about 1887

M Surnames

MansAgnes born about 1909
MansAgnes Wilsonborn about 1927
MaxwellGrace born about 1908
MaxwellPatricia born about 1935
MayArmanda born about 1888
MayG Wborn about 1880
MayR Lborn about 1920
McCreaLoretta born about 1923
McMinnsJosephine born about 1916
McMinnsMaud Mborn about 1883
McMinnsW Aborn about 1878
McNabbDorothy born about 1908
McNabbJames born about 1928
McNabbR Jborn about 1904
McNabbRobert Jr born about 1926
MillerA Jborn about 1915
MillerAnne born about 1937
MillerFrank born about 1939
MillerIrene born about 1912

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R Surnames

ReddMrs Grace born about 1891
RogersonCharles born about 1935
RogersonElla Maeborn about 1916
RogersonWalter born about 1907
RogersonWilliam born about 1936

S Surnames

SellmeyerA Jborn about 1893
SellmeyerElsie born about 1897
SweetingAlonzo born about 1932
SweetingCarl born about 1934
SweetingFanny born about 1917
SweetingG Iborn about 1902

T Surnames

ThorntonEdsel born about 1924
ThorntonJ Hborn about 1922
ThorntonJean born about 1932
ThorntonJulian born about 1930
ThorntonPeggy born about 1927

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