1940 U.S. Federal Census of North Palatha, Putnam, Florida

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USA > Florida > Putnam County > 1940 Census of North Palatha

C Surnames L Surnames N Surnames P Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

C Surnames

CarterSharlotte born about 1862
CarterWilliam Hborn about 1883
ConwayJohn Wborn about 1872

L Surnames

LaneEdna born about 1911
LaneNed born about 1905
LaneReunette born about 1935
LukeArchie Wborn about 1873
LukeEdna born about 1883
LukeHarrie born about 1919
LukeJerry born about 1939
LukeNettie Maeborn about 1921

N Surnames

NettlesEliza born about 1853

P Surnames

PaulPerry born about 1908

S Surnames

SmithClara born about 1926
SmithElizabeth born about 1902
SmithNash Elmerborn about 1894
SmithVida born about 1925

T Surnames

TerryBillie born about 1926
TerryJulia born about 1904
TerryJulia Maeborn about 1925
TerryMary Louborn about 1934
TerryViolet born about 1931
TylerJim born about 1908
TylerMary born about 1913
TylerThomas born about 1930

W Surnames

WilkinsonAlonzo born about 1913
WilkinsonClifford born about 1924
WilkinsonEstelle born about 1926
WilkinsonLeven J Wborn about 1881
WilkinsonMabel born about 1928
WilkinsonN??? born about 1888
WilkinsonPauline born about 1884
WilkinsonRetta born about 1931
WilkinsonWalter born about 1918
WilkinsonWoodrow born about 1921
WoodcockCharles Leslieborn about 1935
WoodcockLilian Marieborn about 1937
WoodcockOla born about 1907

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