1940 U.S. Federal Census of Oldsmobile, Pinellas, Florida

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USA > Florida > Pinellas County > 1940 Census of Oldsmobile

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames F Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AllenAlma Gborn about 1865
AllenWilliam Kborn about 1864

B Surnames

Banks??? Kborn about 1887
BanksAllyne K Jrborn about 1919
BanksBessie Mborn about 1906
BatemanGuy Cborn about 1871
BatemanMillie born about 1877
BeckGeorge Wborn about 1878
BeckLita Aborn about 1885
BenderKuchner born about 1891
BishopGeorge Mborn about 1872
BishopHaunt Rborn about 1877
BlachRobert Jborn about 1892
BrearleyEdgar Rborn about 1864
BrearleySallie Eborn about 1886
BrowleeFrances Wborn about 1908
BrowleeRobert Fborn about 1906
BrownJames Fborn about 1869
BrownKittie Cborn about 1879
BrownRichard Cborn about 1923
BrownleeGwendolyn born about 1931
BurgersElizabeth Mborn about 1918
BurgersTuchson born about 1927

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C Surnames

ColeAnna Oborn about 1879
ColeWilliam Gborn about 1865
ColsonMrs R Bborn about 1870

D Surnames

DooleyEdward Rborn about 1883
DooleyMary born about 1881

F Surnames

FelchAlbert Rborn about 1877
FelchIda Leeborn about 1892

H Surnames

HollingoworthCarl Gborn about 1927
HollingoworthJoseph Eborn about 1884
HyattHouston Bborn about 1886
HyattKathleen born about 1886

J Surnames

JacksonBertha Mborn about 1882
JacksonJames Pborn about 1883
JacquesHarry Rborn about 1890
JohnsonChristian born about 1864
JohnsonMary born about 1872

K Surnames

KaleHarry Jr born about 1926
KaleLamar born about 1929
KaleLaura Mrs born about 1885
KeilHomer Lborn about 1896
KeilHomer L Jrborn about 1923
KeilLida Bborn about 1904
KeilVirginia born about 1927
KnightAnna Mrs born about 1870

L Surnames

LesterCharles Hborn about 1873
LesterCharles H Jrborn about 1915
LesterJoseph Eborn about 1926
LesterMayne Tborn about 1886
LivingstonBonnie born about 1937
LivingstonEloysie born about 1907
LivingstonEva born about 1900
LivingstonJoyce born about 1932
LivingstonMorton Hborn about 1904
LivingstonRobert born about 1929
LivingstonRonald born about 1934
LoungsburyGuy Tborn about 1883
LudingtonMary Mborn about 1855
LudingtonTracy born about 1888

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M Surnames

MatthewEmma Jborn about 1868
MatthewJacob Pborn about 1890
McCarterCharles Wborn about 1871
McCarterMeda Mborn about 1881
McCommonFloye Bborn about 1886
McCommonRobert Sborn about 1885
MeyerGeorge Fborn about 1889
MeyerHelen Eborn about 1885
MinterCharles Sborn about 1873
MonnierHenry Aborn about 1885
MonnierZena born about 1889
MorganBetty Leeborn about 1892
MorganLouis Aborn about 1879
MukerCharles Eborn about 1879
MukerJessie Maeborn about 1884

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N Surnames

NuttNellie Mborn about 1880
NuttRoyal Aborn about 1881

P Surnames

PattonGrace Tborn about 1869
PattonJoseph Wborn about 1868
PostElizabeth Vborn about 1896
PostW Stanfordborn about 1896

R Surnames

RaridenCharles Eborn about 1857
RaridenMary Lborn about 1893
RaridenSarah Eborn about 1867
RobertsHarry Jborn about 1874
RobertsRoberts Minnieyborn about 1883
RobinsonJesse Vborn about 1873
RobinsonMyrtle Rborn about 1880

S Surnames

SchevenkeAlfred Lborn about 1879
SchevenkeEva Maudeborn about 1879
SchibbleFlorence Aborn about 1890
SchibbleHelen Nborn about 1933
SchibbleNorbert Fborn about 1883
SchibblePhilip Cborn about 1926
SchibbleRichard Lborn about 1927
SchibbleRuth Aborn about 1924
ScudamoreHenutta born about 1914
ScudamoreWalter Aborn about 1903
ScudamoreWalter A Jrborn about 1935
ShoemateMary Lborn about 1870
StriggowFred Wborn about 1877
StriggowJennie Aborn about 1877
SubbingsBeatrice Aborn about 1883
SubbingsWilliam Frankborn about 1882

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T Surnames

TaylorHenrietta born about 1871
TaylorJoe born about 1865
ToliverBetty Leeborn about 1932
ToliverJohn Wborn about 1922
ToliverMary Aliceborn about 1923
ToliverSeum Bborn about 1900
TymanVida Tborn about 1912
TymanVinson Tborn about 1916
TyneChristopher Dborn about 1877

V Surnames

VirgoFannie Eborn about 1880
VirgoJames Eborn about 1873

W Surnames

WherrallEmma Cborn about 1903
WherrallRay Eborn about 1894
WhetlowSelma Wborn about 1881

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