1940 U.S. Federal Census of Port Orange in Pasco County, Pasco, Florida

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USA > Florida > Pasco County > 1940 Census of Port Orange in Pasco County

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A Surnames

AisnerDora born about 1855
AisnerMartaha born about 1887

B Surnames

BarrettCaroline born about 1871
BarrettJames Eborn about 1860
BujarEunice born about 1918
BujarJohn born about 1908

C Surnames

ClarkCatheren born about 1908
ClarkGene Fborn about 1932
ClarkHenry Eborn about 1872
ClarkJaquelyn Aborn about 1923
ClarkRaymond Lborn about 1931
ClarkSadie Mborn about 1889
ClarkVictor born about 1890
CliftonAlbert born about 1921
CliftonRaymond born about 1919
CooleyLola Mborn about 1887
CooleyWilliam Hborn about 1876

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D Surnames

DaggettEdith born about 1880
DaggettMilliam Eborn about 1876
DaughertyAl??er Eborn about 1916
DaughertyMildred Iraneborn about 1920
DoaneWilliam Cborn about 1883
Dowling??? Annieborn about 1914
DowlingCharlie born about 1872

E Surnames

EdwardsLouise Aborn about 1851

H Surnames

HitchnerAnna born about 1877
Holzel??? born about 1899

J Surnames

JacksonEugene born about 1891
JarrisDavid born about 1872
JohnstonCharles Lborn about 1888
JohnstonNina born about 1889

K Surnames

KimbleDon born about 1892
KimbleVera Maeborn about 1901
KrahtzAudra born about 1897
KrahtzEdwarde born about 1895
KrahtzGeorge Eborn about 1917
KrahtzJohn Wborn about 1921

L Surnames

LawtonKatherine born about 1875
LawtonWilliam Wborn about 1874

M Surnames

MaulerAddie born about 1894
MaulerHenry born about 1893
McDwellJames born about 1872
McDwellMabel Aborn about 1885

N Surnames

NestAlthes born about 1905
NestDayrl born about 1926
NestGeorge born about 1902
NestJary born about 1934
NestJordon born about 1928
NestRichard born about 1937
NestSally born about 1936
NestShirley born about 1931
NicksAlice born about 1879
NicksHenry Jborn about 1874

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P Surnames

PeltonHoward Lborn about 1880
PeltonMargaret Rborn about

R Surnames

RandallEthelyne born about 1878
RandallWarner born about 1870
RemtringF Cornellborn about 1885
RemtringHenry Cborn about 1885
RennieMargaret born about 1888
RennieWilliam born about 1889

S Surnames

SaarinenAmanda born about 1879
SappAlice born about 1894
SappEllard born about 1902
SarlesCarrrie Aborn about 1897
SchafferJessie born about
SchafferJessie born about 1883
SlagleFrancis Hborn about 1865
StufflefieldHenry born about 1874
StufflefieldMinnie born about 1890

T Surnames

TimdaleJames Fborn about 1920
TimdaleLawrence Cborn about 1925

W Surnames

WanserBromley born about 1904
WanserEdith born about 1917
WanserWilliam Bborn about 1938
Weachter??? Eborn about 1866
WeachterRauk born about 1912
WeachterRose born about 1873
WelsonJohn born about 1867
WelsonLena born about 1875

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