1940 U.S. Federal Census of Reddick in Levy County, Levy, Florida

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USA > Florida > Levy County > 1940 Census of Reddick in Levy County

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A Surnames

AllenAlma born about 1905
AllenCharles born about 1928
AllenErma born about 1930
AllenIris born about 1933
AllenJames born about 1926
AllenMurroy born about 1903

B Surnames

BarkerAlwin born about 1930
BarkerDoris born about 1923
BarkerFannie born about 1891
BarkerWilliam Wborn about 1870
BerryMajor born about 1837
BrownEllen born about 1848

C Surnames

CoeGorbett born about 1905
CoeJerry Leeborn about 1934
CoeJulia Maeborn about 1880
ColsonAnnie Maeborn about 1923
ColsonClyde born about 1902
ColsonFrando Rborn about 1897
ColsonJimmie Leeborn about 1929
ColsonMarvin born about 1922
ColsonMarvis born about 1919

D Surnames

DewittEsther born about 1924
DewittWiley Tborn about 1885
DewittWilliam Fborn about 1916
DurranceCoy born about 1934
DurranceGuy born about 1909
DurranceMyrtel born about 1891
DurranceSim born about 1922
DurranceSurrilda Dborn about 1926
DurranceWilliam Hborn about 1886

F Surnames

FrickOliver born about 1901
FrickPonnie born about 1910

G Surnames

GakerChester born about 1905
GakerElize Nborn about 1869
GrahamLucy born about 1924
GriffinDoris born about 1920
GriffinGeorge born about 1883
GriffinHarold Jr born about 1940
GriffinWilbur born about 1918

H Surnames

HolderDopheene born about 1925
HolderJulia born about 1894
HolderOrdie Bborn about 1896
HolderWilliam Cborn about 1924
HudsonKizzie born about 1875
HunterDoris Ellenborn about 1940
HunterEarnest Rborn about 1935
HunterEllen born about 1904
HunterJohn born about 1887
HunterJohnnie Bborn about 1937
HunterLester Rborn about 1933
HurstLouise Ophelisborn about 1927
HurstMartha Jeanborn about 1930

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J Surnames

JuneAnnie born about 1893
JuneStacy born about 1889

L Surnames

LassickAme born about 1880
LassickMat born about 1869
LittlesLoral Rborn about 1923
LittlesMarceil born about 1929
LittlesMary Alcieborn about 1937
LittlesOra Leeborn about 1925
LittlesParker Lborn about 1890
LittlesParker Jr born about 1931
LittlesRaliegh Jborn about 1935
LittlesVictoria born about 1897
LockeJack Lborn about 1875
LoveAlvis born about 1927
LoveBernice born about 1903
LoveDennis Nborn about 1902
LoveDorthy Annborn about 1939
LoveJanett born about 1935
LoveLloyd born about 1930
LynnRuby born about 1904

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M Surnames

MayEthel Hantelleborn about 1932
MayJohn Eldonborn about 1901
MayMonana born about 1904
MayRichard Tborn about 1893
MooreyAlonzo Mborn about 1862

O Surnames

OwensBarbara born about 1901
OwensCarrol born about 1905
OwensConard Jr born about 1930
OwensFranklin born about 1936
OwensGladys born about 1902
OwensHanford born about 1921
OwensJohn born about 1898
OwensJulia Hborn about 1872
OwensKelsey born about 1921
OwensMay born about 1909
OwensNettie Marieborn about 1932
OwensOnnie Mayborn about 1926
OwensOtis Dborn about 1898
OwensRandol born about 1909
OwensSallie born about 1899
OwensVoncile born about 1934
OwensWillie born about 1897

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P Surnames

PaulkHubert born about 1917

R Surnames

RichardsFannie Hborn about 1904
RichardsRoberts born about 1921

S Surnames

SermonsAldie born about 1915
SermonsEloise born about 1938
SermonsLevella born about 1937
ShepardFrischer Aborn about 1870
SheppordCharlie Lborn about 1896
SheppordPearl born about 1908
SmithBessie born about 1905
SmithInez born about 1926
SmithJames Jborn about 1902
SmithLloyd born about 1939
SmithLois born about 1925
SmithMedford born about 1934
SmithMildred born about 1929
SmithPauline born about 1930

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T Surnames

TunerJane Romeyborn about 1918
TunerWilliam Hborn about 1904

W Surnames

WigginBob born about 1885
WinfreyEtta Maeborn about 1921
WinfreyLoranie born about 1925
WinfreyMillard Lborn about 1922
WinfreyMinnie Mborn about 1884
WinfreyThomas born about 1869
WinfreyWallace Jborn about 1918

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