1940 U.S. Federal Census of Rockledge in Polk County, Polk, Florida

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USA > Florida > Polk County > 1940 Census of Rockledge in Polk County

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A Surnames

AddisonMary born about 1898
AddisonMorris born about 1924

B Surnames

BeallDoris Virginiaborn about 1939
BowenCecil born about 1921
BowenElizabeth born about 1891
BowenGrady born about 1922
BowenJames Vernonborn about 1915
BowenJames Wborn about 1875
BowenVirgil born about 1930
BronsonHelen born about 1908
BronsonIvory born about 1882
BronsonJ Jborn about 1880
BronsonLeroy born about 1904
BronsonRuth born about 1937
BrownLela born about 1895
BurdAdel born about 1937
BurdJohn born about 1933
BurdMargaret born about 1939
BurdMary born about 1896
BurdNola born about 1930
BurdPeter born about 1892
BurdPhillip born about 1931
BurdTom born about 1933
BurdWiley born about 1937
BurdWright born about 1902

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C Surnames

CombeeElsie born about 1920
CombeeL Aborn about 1909
CombeeLilly born about
CombeeMatilda born about 1877
CombeeWm Nborn about 1875

D Surnames

DurhamLayard born about 1930
DurhamWilma born about 1926

G Surnames

GoodmanLeslie born about 1919
GoreCelie Maeborn about 1920
GoreRoy born about 1910

H Surnames

HughesAralene born about 1884
HughesS Mborn about 1881

J Surnames

JudyAnnie Louborn about 1889
JudyJ Lborn about 1938
JudyJack born about 1880
JudyLeslie born about 1914
JudyThereas born about 1916
JudyWilliam Bborn about 1881

K Surnames

KnowlesAlice born about 1911
KnowlesJames Elstonborn about 1912
KnowlesJames Iraborn about 1872
KnowlesOliver Aborn about 1900

P Surnames

PearceElla born about 1883

R Surnames

RobertsCarl Cliftonborn about 1938
RobertsCharlotte born about 1939
RobertsCynthia born about 1904
RobertsEllen born about 1887
RobertsEloise born about 1921
RobertsFreida born about 1923
RobertsGeorge Lesterborn about 1914
RobertsHenry born about 1893
RobertsJ Wborn about 1926
RobertsJames Iraborn about 1936
RobertsJoseph born about 1918
RobertsLillie Maeborn about 1938
RobertsMartha born about 1925
RobertsMary Myrtleborn about 1917
RobertsMaude born about 1904
RobertsMiles born about 1920
RobertsSarah Maudeborn about 1930
RobertsWesley born about 1901
RobertsWill Jborn about 1882
RobertsWilliam Henryborn about 1860
RobertsWilliam Rayborn about 1935
RutingH Victorborn about 1902
RutledgeAlfred born about 1928
RutledgeElisha born about 1881
RutledgeMelissa born about 1895

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S Surnames

StalveyAnn Hborn about 1885
StalveyTommy Rborn about 1921
StalveyW L Jrborn about 1917
StalveyWilliam Nborn about 1881

T Surnames

TyerBetty Ruthborn about 1931
TyerJames Benjaminborn about 1934
TyerJessie born about 1923
TyerJohn Irvenborn about 1926
TyerJoyce Oneidaborn about 1927
TyerMartha Leeborn about 1902
TyerP Cborn about 1924
TyerPleasant Chesterborn about 1867

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