1940 U.S. Federal Census of Saint James, Lee, Florida

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USA > Florida > Lee County > 1940 Census of Saint James

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames M Surnames P Surnames S Surnames U Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AllenJ Fborn about 1870
AllenMabry born about 1877
AngerA Mborn about 1906
AngerHelen born about 1932
AngerVirginia born about 1931

B Surnames

BowdenGeorge Fborn about 1877
BowdenHattie born about 1888
BryantA Mborn about 1896
BryantCoraline born about 1933
BryantFlorence born about 1901
BryantMccook born about 1927

C Surnames

CarterJ Vborn about 1909
CarterLouise born about 1908
CelecFrank Mborn about 1908
CelecIva born about 1913
CelecJohn Jborn about 1868
CelecMary Aborn about 1872
CelecRoman born about 1933

H Surnames

HardJame Earlborn about 1913
HardJames born about 1888
HardMamie born about 1918
HardNellie born about 1893
HardNorman born about 1936
HardPhillip born about 1924
HardRobert born about 1939
HardRussell born about 1913
HardVirginia born about 1908

J Surnames

JoinerClarince born about 1916
JoinerJames Pborn about 1937
JoinerMadeline born about 1918

K Surnames

KeeneAugustine Mborn about 1919
KeeneFrances Iborn about 1923
KeeneJ Bborn about 1914
KeeneMary Aborn about 1898
KeeneMary Mborn about 1925
KeeneOwen Lborn about 1893
KeeneOwen L Jrborn about 1930
KeeneSennie Mborn about 1894

M Surnames

MickleIrene born about 1906
MickleMaurice Mborn about 1896
MillsW E Bborn about 1915

P Surnames

PaulkEliza born about 1902
PomeroyAlice born about 1920
PomeroyBritt born about 1919
PomeroyBritt Jr born about 1940

S Surnames

SandsMrs W Lborn about 1891
SandsW Lborn about 1890
SmithEra born about 1890
SmithFrank born about 1870

U Surnames

UhlarAnn born about 1917
UhlarHelen born about 1919
UhlarJoe born about 1921
UhlarJohn born about 1914
UhlarKatie born about 1891
UhlarMartha born about 1923
UhlarMike born about 1885
UhlarMike born about 1926

W Surnames

WatkinsJanet Maryborn about 1927
WatkinsLaretta born about 1902
WatkinsRobert Rborn about 1939
WatkinsS P Iiiborn about 1935
WatkinsS P Jrborn about 1891
WelchJ Bborn about 1872
WillisLaughley born about 1922

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