1940 U.S. Federal Census of Sandy Creek in Manatee County, Manatee, Florida

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USA > Florida > Manatee County > 1940 Census of Sandy Creek in Manatee County

A Surnames C Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames P Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AlbrittonCprele Cborn about 1938
AlbrittonGerry Wborn about 1937
AlbrittonMaudie Hborn about 1917
AlbrittonStella born about 1878
AlbrittonW Lborn about 1916
AlbrittonWillard 4 born about 1898

C Surnames

ChancyLaura Eborn about 1862

G Surnames

GriffinGearldine born about 1932
GriffinLavount born about 1935
GriffinMildred born about 1899
GriffinNoah Nborn about 1895
GriffinNoah Jr born about 1928
GriffinRuth Bborn about 1919
GriffinSusie Sborn about 1922

H Surnames

HancockJames Wborn about 1938
HarrisonCharles born about 1933
HarrisonJ Lynnborn about 1919
HarrisonLisle Lborn about 1895
HarrisonSameil Eborn about 1890

J Surnames

JohnsonCharles born about 1924
JohnsonFlossie born about 1904
JohnsonJohn Mborn about 1898
JohnsonPerry Mborn about 1886
JohnsonPricilla born about 1888

M Surnames

MesserEstelle born about 1881
MesserWilliam Hborn about 1874

P Surnames

PoseyEllen born about 1861

W Surnames

WalkerCharlie born about 1920
WalkerClaude born about 1916
WalkerJames Bborn about 1880
WalkerJessie Eborn about 1882
WalkerLois Iborn about 1932
WalkerLouis Jborn about 1905
WalkerMildred Lborn about 1936
WalkerMyrtle Lborn about 1914
WalkerOrvin Oborn about 1901
WalkerRobert born about 1908
WalkerRobert Nborn about 1934
WalkerRuby Eborn about 1922

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