1940 U.S. Federal Census of Santa Rosa, Walton, Florida

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USA > Florida > Walton County > 1940 Census of Santa Rosa

B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames H Surnames L Surnames M Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BeckerCorene Jborn about 1918
BeckerJennie Mborn about 1896
BeckerLouis Eborn about 1935
BeckerLouise Cborn about 1888
BeckerYvonne born about 1920
BishopEdward Eborn about 1883
BishopFannie Mborn about 1895
BishopVernon born about 1923

C Surnames

CarrCallaway born about 1880
CarrLenord Cborn about 1859
CohranCorene born about 1925
CohranFloyd born about 1922
CohranMabel born about 1927
ColbertLeon born about 1880
ColbertWill born about 1876

G Surnames

GarnetteEdna Maeborn about 1895
GarnetteGeorge Bborn about 1889

H Surnames

HamJames born about 1869
HoganFrank born about 1890
HoganMamie born about 1892
HoganRuth born about 1900
HollyJerome Wborn about 1936
HollyKathrine born about 1934
HollyMaddie born about 1910
HollyMaddie Bellborn about 1933
HollyWilliam Aborn about 1901

L Surnames

LallenEarl Sborn about 1894
LallenEarl Jr born about 1933
LallenJeanette born about 1910
LallenMaxine born about 1930
LowyLonnie born about 1922
LowyMac born about 1889
LowyMajig born about 1928

M Surnames

MorrowAlta born about 1922
MorrowBetty Louborn about 1938
MorrowLee born about 1883
MorrowMinnie born about 1899
MorrowOdell born about 1933
MorrowOkla born about 1925

T Surnames

TaylorClarence born about 1896
TaylorGladys born about 1900
TaylorNona Leeborn about 1933
ThomasCurtis born about 1900

W Surnames

WholleyJoe Robertborn about 1936
WhooleyAzel Marieborn about 1939
WhooleyBulah Maeborn about 1937
WhooleyGrace Mborn about 1931
WhooleyLucy Maeborn about 1914
WhooleyWalter Gborn about 1935
WhooleyWilliam H Jrborn about 1934
WhooleyWilliam Mborn about 1912

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