1940 U.S. Federal Census of Sunny Side, Bay, Florida

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USA > Florida > Bay County > 1940 Census of Sunny Side

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A Surnames

AdamsJoe Wborn about 1920
AdamsRobert Dborn about 1914
AllenJames Kborn about 1921
AllenJane Lborn about 1923
AllenJene Jborn about 1898
AllenKennith born about 1892
AndersonJanie born about 1908
AttonVestula Bborn about 1939
AubreyOtis born about 1912

B Surnames

BarkasdaleAbe born about 1895
BarkasdaleOctova born about 1914
BatesHellen Lborn about 1898

C Surnames

CalyAmos born about 1895
ClarkGoney born about 1903
CookJames Eborn about 1876
CurryKimmie Lborn about 1914

E Surnames

EverettEarnist born about 1919
EwingD born about 1865
EwingSadie born about 1877

F Surnames

FaleJohn Jr born about 1919
FaleKennieth born about 1939
FaleMary Dborn about 1919
FreddieJohn Jborn about 1927
FreddieM Cborn about 1925
FreddieMae born about 1923
FreddieMamie Dborn about 1929

G Surnames

GainousHenry born about 1879
GainousMartha Mborn about 1880
GuffinFlowers born about 1907
GysonAlbert born about 1875
GysonElizbaeth born about 1876

H Surnames

HarrisMilton born about 1890
HendersonJake born about 1889
HiillhouseAnnie Gborn about 1871
HiillhouseHarry born about 1871
HolandKitty born about 1859
HollowayElizabeth Gborn about 1894
HollowayWilliam Eborn about 1878

J Surnames

JohnsonCharlie born about 1900

L Surnames

LahonCarolee Wborn about 1904
LahonJoe Bborn about 1901
LahonJoe B Jrborn about 1937
LaizerJulian born about 1911
LeeAda born about 1907
LeeAda Ruthborn about 1938
LeeEllie Maeborn about 1932
LeeJohn born about 1904
LeeJonnie born about 1937
LeeMertle Lborn about 1930
LeeRebeca Mborn about 1935
LoydDavid Fborn about 1898
LoydGia Mayborn about 1900

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M Surnames

MartinAlbert born about 1924
MartinJohn Cborn about 1882
MartinVivian born about 1892
MartinWyett born about 1905
McBrideAdel born about 1916
McBrideGeorge Wborn about 1874
McCorquodaleM born about 1881
McCorquodaleMary Eborn about 1925
McCorquodaleMary Mborn about 1888
McCorquodaleRuth Eborn about 1921
McEwinJames Wborn about 1897
McGeeCube Hborn about 1894
McGeeEugene Mborn about 1922
McGeeHamilton Mborn about 1927
McGeeLouise Nborn about 1900
McGowanAdel born about 1918
McGowanJimmie born about 1939
McGowanWilllie born about 1938
MillerRoger born about 1884
MooreAlford born about 1895
MooreBetty Lborn about 1898
MurriettCharles Lborn about 1870

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N Surnames

NesbittCharlie born about 1898
NortonJames Cborn about 1867
NortonMartha born about 1875

P Surnames

PollockAllen born about 1923
PollockAndrew born about 1914
PollockBlanche born about 1916
PollockMamie Eborn about 1939
PollockThomas born about 1937
PollockWillie Eborn about 1935
PotterJohn Rborn about 1937
PotterMaggie born about 1917
PotterWilliam Hborn about 1935
PotterWillie born about 1907
PotterWillie Jr born about 1939
PowellDelaware born about 1913

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R Surnames

RobertsonBula Lborn about 1905
RobertsonElizabeth Aborn about 1932
RobertsonHoward Gborn about 1920
RobertsonJames Pborn about 1929
RobertsonJefferson born about 1904
RobertsonRachel Mborn about 1935

S Surnames

SmithAlvin born about 1922
StewartAlbert born about 1913
SwiftCharles Eborn about 1905
SwiftEsther Eborn about 1910
SwiftSylvia born about 1936

T Surnames

ThomasJonnie born about 1910
TuckerJonnie born about 1920
TuckerPolly Maeborn about 1920

V Surnames

VickeryEmma born about 1884
VickeryHenry Mborn about 1879
VickeryRuth Jborn about 1925

W Surnames

WatkinsBurtha Aborn about 1936
WatkinsDothory born about 1934
WatkinsHazel born about 1927
WatkinsJames born about 1904
WatkinsJenet born about 1938
WatkinsLenora born about 1930
WatkinsLorene born about 1909
WatkinsLuna Kateborn about 1932
WatkinsOlas born about 1928
WattsDoris Gborn about 1930
WattsHellen born about 1906
WattsThomas born about 1906
WattsVerna Lborn about 1925
WilliamsBuck born about 1865
WilliamsGeorge born about 1918

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