1940 U.S. Federal Census of Tenth in Levy County, Levy, Florida

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USA > Florida > Levy County > 1940 Census of Tenth in Levy County

A Surnames D Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AllenLester Jr born about 1926

D Surnames

DavisEd born about 1897
DavisEddie Lamarborn about 1939
DavisErmethia born about 1873
DavisMyrtel born about 1922
DrummondOretha born about 1927
DrummondVelma born about 1893

F Surnames

FletcherAnna born about 1871
FletcherHall born about 1901
FletcherNewton Fborn about 1916
FletcherOlive born about 1903

G Surnames

GriffinElla born about 1876
GriffinHenry born about 1896

H Surnames

HayesKate born about 1900
HayesPerchell Kborn about 1895
HayesRochelle born about 1922
HayesVoncile born about 1920
HolderFoy born about 1921
HolderKenneth born about 1919
HolderLindle born about 1923

J Surnames

JohnsonEdna born about 1911
JohnsonHenry Sborn about 1917

M Surnames

MattisDonald born about 1936
MattisHattie born about 1916
MattisJack born about 1912

R Surnames

RollandDavid born about 1931
RollandLinnie born about 1908
RollandLonnie born about 1897
RollandMargarete born about 1935
RollandNellie Maeborn about 1929

S Surnames

SmithSilas Williamborn about 1870

V Surnames

VaughnJunior born about 1931

W Surnames

WielEd Mborn about 1881
WielRussell born about 1913

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