1940 U.S. Federal Census of Watertown in Santa Rosa County, Santa Rosa, Florida

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USA > Florida > Santa Rosa County > 1940 Census of Watertown in Santa Rosa County

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames M Surnames P Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AdamsEhtel born about 1910
AdamsHarvey born about 1899
AdamsMargie born about 1939
AdamsVermell born about 1927
AlfordPearl born about 1891

B Surnames

BroxsonAnnie Rayborn about 1934
BroxsonCleveland born about 1931
BroxsonDave born about 1887
BroxsonFornia born about 1901
BroxsonLucille born about 1937
BroxsonMagie born about 1924
BroxsonMamie born about 1928
BroxsonRobert born about 1891

C Surnames

ColleyA Vborn about 1929
ColleyCharlie born about 1907
ColleyDelories born about 1939
ColleyEdward Leeborn about 1939
ColleyEmma born about 1893
ColleyGeneva born about 1921
ColleyIda Leeborn about 1937
ColleyLawrence born about 1912
ColleyLouis Jr born about 1919
ColleyPete born about 1887
ColleyViney born about 1916

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E Surnames

EmbueBobby Loisborn about 1939
EmbueEloise born about 1929
EmbueFayoma born about 1931
EmbueJ Mborn about 1903
EmbueJessie Pearlborn about 1935
EmbueKatie Maeborn about 1937
EmbueLola Rborn about 1909
EmbueNettie Ruthborn about 1927

F Surnames

FaulkA Hborn about 1904
FaulkRosa born about 1883

G Surnames

GamesBalliea born about 1915
GamesHubert born about 1911
GrimesEarnest born about 1892
GrimesLena born about 1917
GrimesPearl born about 1892
GrimesR Eborn about 1916
GrimesRuber Eborn about 1938
GrimesRuby Hborn about 1924

M Surnames

MasonEmma Gborn about 1918
MasonJames born about 1918
MasonJimmie Wborn about 1939
MatthewsJohn Wborn about 1865
MooreClinton Hborn about 1912
MooreDurward born about 1923
MooreE Sborn about 1902
MooreElizabeth born about 1892
MooreLaura born about 1912
MooreThomas born about 1918
MooreWilliam Sborn about 1940

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P Surnames

PaceLillie born about 1913
PippinsJoseph born about 1928
PippinsMalmer born about 1924
PippinsMary Dellborn about 1926
PippinsNoah born about 1934
PippinsWessie born about 1898

S Surnames

SmithDavid Tborn about 1891
SmithDavid Jr born about 1924
SmithDorothy born about 1927
SmithEhtel Lborn about 1901
SmithRufus born about 1939
SmithVera born about 1929

T Surnames

ThomasAlva born about 1931
ThomasLeona born about 1934
ThomasSarah born about 1909

W Surnames

WeckleyDoris born about 1920
WeckleyWilburn born about 1920
WeekleyE Fborn about 1892
WeekleyEarnestine born about 1928
WeekleyJ Mborn about 1881
WeekleyMarie born about 1922
WeekleyStella born about 1895
WellbornJ Sborn about 1915
WellbornLouie Lborn about 1917

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