1940 U.S. Federal Census of White in Gulf County, Gulf, Florida

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USA > Florida > Gulf County > 1940 Census of White in Gulf County

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames H Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AllpressBonnie born about 1913
AllpressCarilon born about 1938
AllpressLynn born about 1912
AulbyJ Sborn about 1888

B Surnames

BeardLusender born about 1886
BeardRobert born about 1869

C Surnames

CroxtonGerald Sborn about 1890

H Surnames

HallBarbra born about 1939
HallBetty born about 1935
HallEdith born about 1918
HallFred Lborn about 1915
HallJack born about 1936
HardyAlton born about 1907
HardyAubery born about 1934
HardyMarguerite born about 1920
HardyPeggie Annborn about 1931

K Surnames

KingBobbie born about 1939
KingEneze born about 1936

L Surnames

LarimoreEdna born about 1919
LarimoreHarvey born about 1912
LarimoreJohn Pborn about 1938
LaurimoreJohn Cborn about 1877
LaurimoreMatilder Vborn about 1889

M Surnames

MelvinCharles born about 1930
MelvinEarl born about 1928
MelvinThelma born about 1912
MelvinTherman born about 1908
MelvinWillard born about 1933
MoakAllen Lborn about 1882
MoakGeorge Eborn about 1910

N Surnames

NewsomeAnnie Maeborn about 1927
NewsomeDorthy Louiseborn about 1939
NewsomeGrove Clevelandborn about 1932
NewsomeMamie Leeborn about 1935
NewsomeMary Kateborn about 1938
NewsomeMinnie Leeborn about 1902
NewsomeThomas Albertborn about 1930
NewsomeWillie born about 1906

O Surnames

OdomMildred born about 1925
OrwigJ Wborn about 1890
OrwigNola born about 1893

P Surnames

PorterBetty Geneborn about 1929
PorterDorthy born about 1931
PorterMarguriet Alliaborn about 1937
PorterRosa Maeborn about 1911
PorterRoy born about 1909

R Surnames

RichardsW Wborn about 1896

S Surnames

SappC Wborn about 1909
SappMargie born about 1936
SappMary Fborn about 1902
SealeyDorthy born about 1938
SealeyJ Wborn about 1898
SealeyJames Jr born about 1928
SealeyJohn Allenborn about 1930
SealeySara born about 1934
SealeySelma born about 1924
SealeyVerona born about 1907
SmithCarolin born about 1931
SmithFrancis born about 1936
SmithJames born about 1900
SmithJoan born about 1929
SmithMargarett born about 1900
SmithMargarett born about 1922
SmithPaulin born about 1924
SmithRobert Jr born about 1933
SmithThomas Aborn about 1926
SpearsMildra born about 1914
SpearsS Dborn about 1914
StebelCharles Eborn about 1887
StebelEllor born about 1891
StebelJane born about 1920
StebelJoseph Aborn about 1883
StebelRobert Leeborn about 1939
SullivanCharlie born about 1933
SullivanDan born about 1927
SullivanViola born about 1930
SullivanWilliam born about 1926

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W Surnames

WalsinghamCharles born about 1906
WalsinghamFlora Maeborn about 1919
WilsonHosey born about 1888

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