1940 U.S. Federal Census of Woodville, Leon, Florida

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USA > Florida > Leon County > 1940 Census of Woodville

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames L Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BookerBell born about 1892
BookerSam born about 1895
BradhamAlice born about 1922
BradhamEllis born about 1917
BradhamFrances born about 1922
BradhamJuncus born about 1916
BradhamWillie Jamesborn about 1938

C Surnames

CasseauxEarl born about 1937
CasseauxEvelyn born about 1934
CasseauxNora born about 1916
CasseauxWiley Mborn about 1910
CasseauxWilliam born about 1933

D Surnames

DawsonBertha born about 1938

G Surnames

GreenBettie Hayelborn about 1927
GreenFlora born about 1907
GreenMarie born about 1932
GreenRobert Lborn about 1902
GriffinBennie born about 1900
GriffinBeverley Jr born about 1939
GriffinFredia born about 1918

H Surnames

HanellBetty born about 1931
HanellCarine born about 1927
HanellMadock born about 1937
HanellMelvin born about 1939
HannenGeraldine born about 1919
HannenRoss born about 1916
HarrisAnnie born about 1888
HarrisTheo born about 1928
HarrisWilliam Cborn about 1879
HarrisWillie born about 1918
HeningAnnie Rubyborn about 1929
HeningCurtis born about 1927
HeningGeorge born about 1887
HeningHenderson born about 1917
HeningIoline born about 1922
HeningJohnie born about 1919
HeningMajor born about 1920
HeningMaxine born about 1920
HeningMinnie born about 1925
HeningSallie born about 1885
HeningWettia born about 1916
HeningWoodrow born about 1924

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J Surnames

JamesAnnie Leeborn about 1928
JamesGranvelle Mborn about 1910
JamesOla Maeborn about 1913
JamesSue Pageborn about 1937

L Surnames

LamdPearl born about 1914
LawhornFred Leoborn about 1921
LawhornGeo Wborn about 1901
LawhornHerman born about 1916
LawhornLillian born about 1891
LawhornLucy born about 1901
LawhornRobert Wborn about 1919
LawhornShelton Cborn about 1914
LawhornWill Wborn about 1851
LewisLawrence born about 1887

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M Surnames

McDanielArchie born about 1901
McDanielMannard born about 1907

P Surnames

PageAddie born about 1926
PageJames Wborn about 1890
PageRichard born about 1924
PageSallie born about 1887

R Surnames

RhodesBarney born about 1889
RhodesBlanton Lborn about 1901
RhodesCora Francisborn about 1927
RhodesDaisey Eborn about 1904

W Surnames

WaiterDonald Mborn about 1937
WaiterEliza born about 1914
WashingtonFrank born about 1915
WashingtonFrankie Leeborn about 1939
WashingtonLila Maeborn about 1919
WootenGenevieve born about 1900
WootenKent born about 1928
WootenMary born about 1862
WootenMary born about 1921
WootenRoss born about 1883
WootenRoss Jr born about 1919
WrightJoe Lewisborn about 1929
WrightJoe Wborn about 1899
WrightRuth born about 1900

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