1940 U.S. Federal Census of Wood Station, Catoosa, Georgia

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USA > Georgia > Catoosa County > 1940 Census of Wood Station

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B Surnames

BridgesDoris born about 1934
BridgesEugene born about 1940
BridgesInez born about 1931
BridgesJunior born about 1937
BridgesMalvin Leeborn about 1935
BridgesPearl Hborn about 1914
BridgesStella born about 1901
BridgesT Jborn about 1923
BridgesW Homerborn about 1897

C Surnames

CauthornGene born about 1935
CraneBarney Lborn about 1891
CraneVira Hborn about 1898

E Surnames

EubanksBetty Eborn about 1933
EubanksDorothy Leeborn about 1927
EubanksFannie Bborn about 1901
EubanksHarvey born about 1922
EubanksLelia Bborn about 1923
EubanksMary Ruthborn about 1926
EubanksThomas Uborn about 1899

G Surnames

GravittCharley born about 1918
GravittEmily Gborn about 1907
GravittHoward born about 1921
GravittLouis born about 1901
GravittLouis Cecilborn about 1939
GravittMinnie Bborn about 1893
GravittT Jborn about 1865
GravittW Dborn about 1886

H Surnames

HooperA Jborn about 1931
HooperArfie Wborn about 1917
HooperDennis born about 1938
HooperDwight born about 1935
HooperFaye born about 1919
HooperFranklin born about 1940
HooperJoyce born about 1933
HooperLou Tborn about 1874
HooperLucille Dborn about 1897
HooperMildred born about 1925
HooperU A Gus Srborn about 1869
HooperW A Jrborn about 1917
HooperWillard Rborn about 1896
HooperWillie Maeborn about 1923

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J Surnames

JohnsonC Bborn about 1935
JohnsonCharles born about 1925
JohnsonHomer Hborn about 1902
JohnsonJ Rborn about 1932
JohnsonMae Sborn about 1905
JohnsonVirgil born about 1928
JonesPreston born about 1922
JonesWalter born about 1918

M Surnames

MartinHomer born about 1901

N Surnames

NicholsBonnie Leeborn about 1927
NicholsElmer born about 1925
NicholsJ Cborn about 1922
NicholsJ O Budborn about 1889
NicholsJunior born about 1935
NicholsRaymond born about 1930
NicholsRosie Wborn about 1894
NicholsThelma born about 1925

S Surnames

SmithJames Wborn about 1925
SmithSamuel Tborn about 1927
SwansonBillie Fayeborn about 1933
SwansonClarence born about 1895
SwansonDeforest born about 1929
SwansonElmer born about 1917
SwansonJennie Wborn about 1894
SwansonLe Roy born about 1927
SwansonVirginia born about 1932

T Surnames

TurnerBetty Ruthborn about 1929
TurnerC Deedborn about 1903
TurnerEdward Leonborn about 1931
TurnerMattie Dborn about 1910

W Surnames

WallinElla Hborn about 1900
WoodeClinton Sborn about 1894
WoodeMamie Bborn about 1899
WoodeRoosevelt born about 1905
WoodsCornie Sborn about 1918
WoodsS Eborn about 1895

Y Surnames

YatesEarl born about 1938
YatesMilton born about 1886
YatesTennie Wborn about 1895

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